What to Expect During Your Initial Interview with New Property Inspection Clients

Business Hand select New Real Estate from Sale Representative usProperty inspection is a process that is essential for both prospective home-buyers and sellers. Still, it can prove to be an uphill battle even after you’ve secured clients. For customers, it’s perfectly natural to be reluctant about a process that you’re not too familiar with. As a small business owner who’s on the move in the industry, it’s important for you to put your best foot forward when initially consulting with new clients who are relying on you to provide an accurate analysis of the property in question. Otherwise, your assignment could come back to haunt you and you’ll eventually wind up losing out on some pretty lucrative deals. Check out these scenarios so you’re not so surprised when it comes to the real deal in meetings with new clients.


Don’t fret about raised eyebrows or cynical snorts that come your way at an interview about property inspection services. It’s your job to appease customers and help put their minds at ease when it comes to treading into the unfamiliar territory of home evaluations. Keep in mind that many people use skepticism as a shield to deflect from their insecurities or lack of knowledge about a certain subject. In other words, the more information you provide, the more they’re likely to relax and give you the chance that you deserve as their property inspector.


It’s also normal to receive lots of inquiries during the first consultation. This helps clients get to know you better and understand your business practices. Simultaneously, you learn more about the customers’ needs and their intentions. Don’t be afraid of what seems like a neverending interrogation. Instead, embrace it and address each concern tactfully so your clients know that you’ve got a handle on what you do for a living and can provide the best services possible.


Be prepared to get some questions or ideas that have nothing to do with the property inspection industry. For instance, many people still believe that home appraisals are synonymous with inspections which couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t allow these kinds of theories to frustrate you, as this will only push clients away. Be firm but polite in your explanations that can help get to the heart of the matter and eventually put everyone on the same page.


Some people will also get cold feet or change their minds about going through with the process at the last minute without giving you any notice. Try not to take these actions personally, as it’s all a learning experience and can help make way for customers who are more committed later on down the road. If you have an appointment where no one shows up, it’s best to use this time to seek other tactics that will be help your property inspection business progress.

A Change of Heart

Fortunately, you do have the pleasure of winning some of the most difficult people over if you can effectively persuade them that the services you provide are the highest in quality and prove how they’ll benefit from your assistance. This is what makes your career path so fulfilling and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Enjoy these moments and use them for motivation on your not-so-good-days.

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