Go for Green Property Management with Property Inspection Apps

bigstock-Inspector-with-a-house-made-of-28806449One of the major concerns for many business professionals across many different fields of emphasis is being eco-friendly, which is sometimes called “going green”. The newer generations of business professionals encourage going green, and have become more and more focused on developing business techniques and practices which help reduce pollution and the consumption of resources. The property management business is no exception, and the push toward technological advancement has been one of the top methods to taking business in a green direction. Going green may take some extra effort, but most people would agree that it pays off in the long run.

Elements of Green Business

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are great words to start with when describing going green. In order to be eco-friendly, you need to take a look at what your company consumes, and try to reduce it for the sake of conserving resources, and reducing waste. Take a look at what you throw away, and see if it can’t instead be recycled, or reused for another purpose. If you print listings out at the slightest provocation, or make photocopies of haphazardly, you could be wasting some serious amounts of paper and ink. What’s more, there is less and less of a need to be printing and photocopying when so many things have become instantly available online. Why waste the paper when you can pull the necessary information or documents up on your mobile device? Another area where you can reduce is travel. Technology has made it possible for telecommuting, and many businesses successfully use this technique for meetings on a daily basis. And if you do need to drive anywhere, carpooling is the way to go. Try to visit all of your properties in one trip, with the most efficient route possible. And when you are buying office supplies, invest in sustainable products, like recycled paper. These are just a few of the ways you can change your office habits to be “greener” and support other eco-friendly businesses.

How Inspection Apps are Green

Inspection apps for your mobile devices are a fantastic way to support green operations. One of the best things they can do for your property management business is reduce the amount of paper you go through. When you do an inspection, traditionally you would need pages of paper for a checklist, sticky notes or extra paper for property notes and work orders, photo paper and film for producing property images, and much more. And once you have compiled all of this information, you need folders and space in which to store it. With a property inspection app, all of your lists, photos, videos, notes, and more can be created, accessed, and sent to storage by your mobile device, drastically reducing the amount of resources used. This not only streamlines your business processes, it also saves you money on all those supplies you didn’t need to use and replace.

Inspection apps can save you money, help you go green, and give you a more professional image. Some customers even prefer to work with eco-friendly businesses. These benefits and more are great reasons to go green with a property inspection app.

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