Why You Should Go Paperless With Property Inspection Software

property inspection software
Today’s world is a digital one; every day you are reminded that technology is a massive part of our lives. We do our banking online through our phones, watch the news online, have self-driving cars, smart fridges, heck we don’t even read books anymore, we use kindles!

So, it shouldn’t be a big shock that using pen and paper to conduct property inspections is becoming a thing of the past. Why scribble everything down on paper when you can tap a few buttons on your phone?

As property inspection software grows in popularity, it’s becoming more apparent that going digital is becoming the new industry standard. Keep reading below to discover all the benefits property inspection software can provide for you and your company.

Firstly, Let’s take a look at why is paper still being used over software solutions:

It’s familiar – Why fix it if it’s not broken? One of the biggest factors for managers not changing from paper inspections to digital is familiarity. Inspectors know that most of the time, paper works, there’s no learning curve and its straightforward. You can give a new manager a paper checklist and generally they will be able to complete it with no issues.

Technology Can Be Intimidating – Typically, property managers are not tech-gurus. When they hear the word ‘software,’ they tend to retract. In fact, according to an SAP study, 78% of enterprise apps are abandoned after their first-time use. This is due to a weak on-boarding phase and companies expecting instant adoption, instead of providing an opportunity for staff to learn the tool in a way that is specific to their daily operations.

Pricing assumptions – To most managers, it may seem like paper is the cheap, easy and affordable option. What they don’t factor in is the amount of money you save by cutting inspection time by 75%. They also don’t account for all the printer costs, storage and manual work inputting inspection data.

When you factor in the benefits of property inspection software, you end up gaining $10 for every $1 spent on your app.

Skeptical? Are you wondering how a subscription-based service can cost you less than a piece of paper? How can it cut 75% of inspection time? Well, Let’s take a look at why property managers all around the world are going paperless by using property inspection software to propel their business to the next level;


When it comes to property inspection time is precious. If you complete, upload and format an inspection in under 15 minutes that usually takes the better part of your day, would you? Of course, you would!

One of the most enticing features about property inspection apps is how much they enhance your companies productivity. As mentioned above, property inspection apps and software save you up to 75% of total inspecting time, from walking the property to formatting and sending your clients reports.

This is due to the software’s capability to replace human resources and automate complex, repetitive processes. From sending out inspection reminder emails to completely formatting your inspection into a personally branded, professional report with the push of a button, property inspection software enhances the entire inspection process.

You can say goodbye to excel sheet headaches, hours spent at your desk uploading photos and all other time-consuming admin based tasks.

Property inspection software, like SnapInspect, allows your team to focus on what they do best by automating all back-end tasks. Reports format automatically, inspection checklists are pre-loaded, photos and videos get captured in-app, and data entry based tasks are a thing of the past.

If you are using pen and paper to inspect, your typical inspection process may look a lot like this:

– Upload your inspection checklist to excel, ensuring that it matches your property and inspection type.

– Print the inspection out onto paper

– Walk through the property adding notes and comments using a pen

– Re-walk the property again with a digital camera to take photos

– Gather the recorded information and bring it back to the office

– Spend the next few hours battling your computer trying to sort everything into one professional looking report

– Send the report to your clients through your email address

When you use SnapInspect:

– Pre-load your custom inspection checklists onto your mobile inspection app

– Walk the property once, filling out your mobile checklist as you go

– Add photos and videos when necessary in-app that automatically format into your final report

– Consult previous reports to compare and assess a property’s condition against

– Finish your report and click ‘upload’

– Smile, there’s nothing else left to do!

– Emails automatically send to relevant parties, reports get formatted as soon as you press upload, and all your information is loaded and stored automatically.

Property Inspection Software Myths De-bunked

“Mobile Inspection apps are complex and confusing.”

Given the history of software in businesses being clunky, slow and causing more harm than good, this is an entirely fair viewpoint to have. Often managers think that more technology means more work, stopping business operations and being confused a lot of the time.

With SnapInspect this is not the case. If you can turn a computer on and successfully log-in to your facebook account, you will have no issues learning how to use property inspection software.

SnapInspect understands that property managers aren’t tech experts, which is why our app UI design is the simplest solution on the market. Our app navigates easily to allow you to focus on the real task- property inspection.

“We already have a software solution that works just as good.”

Most companies already have software. However, if your software doesn’t offer online inspecting, cloud-based storage, mobile inspections, pricing systems, fully customizable reports, and business intelligence, and automates your entire back-end work administrative workload, then your software probably isn’t as good.

Typically, companies will pay a hefty up-front fee for the software. This can cripple companies as there is no way to update the software. If you are using 2013 technology in 2019 how can you expect to be leading your respective field in property management?

When you use a cloud-based solution like SnapInspect, you get constant feature updates, tweaks and enhancements to match the rate at which technology is advancing at; As you grow so does your software.

“My Information and Intellectual property aren’t secure on your system.”

Correct, when your information stores on cloud software, it isn’t protected by a safe or lock. Instead, it is encrypted and backed-up-ensuring that no one can obtain your information.

Cloud-based software means you have fewer worries about data falling into the wrong hands. Nothing is left on-site or in your office.

You can also access your information from anywhere with an internet connection, by logging into our web or mobile app. This means if someone steals your phone or laptop, your information is not lost.
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