Feature Update: Improved Email Deliverability

This week’s feature update is the ability to send emails from SnapInspect-ensuring they land in your client’s inbox.

We now offer a feature that can send our emails on your behalf through a much stronger domain. This means that 99% of all emails sent on our behalf to your clients are delivered successfully.

So, instead of emails sending like this:
They look like this:
To enable this feature, Go to the company settings tab via your SnapInspect web account. Under general settings, there is a checkbox titled: Email sent from SnapInspect.

Checking this box means that the email will be sent from the address donotreply@snapinspect.com instead of the inspector’s email address. (sending on behalf of) for a better delivery rate.

SnapInspect’s email & template tool allows you to create and send customized emails to your clients for the following: send an inspection email, send a task email, update an asset status, update an inspection status, update a task status or send a web share inspection email.

You can set-up a template to reflect your business’s brand, with your specific logos and font or you can use the preset SnapInspect template by default.

Are you a SnapInspect user that has a suggestion for us to improve, or have an idea for a new feature that you’d like to see? Let us know at support@snapinspect.com
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