8 Benefits of using Property Inspection Software

Property inspection software is creating waves within the real estate industry. Specifically, mobile inspection apps are changing the way managers inspect for the better. More companies than ever before are straying away from traditional “Pen and paper” inspections and are choosing to carry out digital inspections via property inspection software. Why are businesses doing this? What is there to gain?

Keep reading to learn about the top eight benefits you obtain through using property inspection software.

Get it done on site

Property inspection software that uses a mobile device or tablet allows you to complete an entire inspection on site. This includes all report formatting and admin-based tasks. As soon as you have completed a property walkthrough, you press “Upload,” and a property inspection app like SnapInspect will generate the report for you. There are no tedious trips back to the office to re-enter already recorded information, no time spent uploading photos and videos and no inaccurate reports due to false information input.

Mobile inspection software allows you to upload reports directly from your device. This means as soon as you press upload your report generates with logos, branding and professional formatting. You can also set-up “inspection completed” emails that send reports directly to your clients, landlords, and tenants once complete.

Ditch the Paperwork

One of the biggest nightmares of managing any property is the amount of paperwork you face daily. When you use property inspection software such as SnapInspect, your files digitally store themselves on what’s known as “the cloud.” Cloud-based document storage means you can access your files from anywhere, anytime. Similar to how you can access your Facebook account from anywhere in the world, supercharging your companies productivity level.

Document Management

Property managers have a lot on their plate; they are often simultaneously working on multiple tasks. The last thing you have time for is sorting through mountains of documents to find what you are looking for. When files are stored digitally on the cloud, you can effortlessly search and find what you’re looking for in seconds. You can pull up past inspection on site. Meaning you can compare a move-in inspection to a move-out inspection in real-time, instantly being able to identify areas of concern. You can also add filters to your search if you wanted to search for specific groups of information.

Enhance Workplace Collaboration

In the past, when you manage a property with a colleague, emails, phone calls and texts go back and forth daily. Property inspection software enables you to streamline staff communication by taking everything in-app. As soon as the inspection uploads to the cloud your entire team can see the inspection.

Staff can assess the inspection, download photos, watch inspection videos and even alert maintenance teams of issues within the property directly from the app. Everything is instant, as soon as your report is completed and uploaded your colleagues can see it. Enabling seamless company-wide communication. formatted

Add Photos, Videos and Comments With Ease

Property inspection software boosts productivity across all aspects of operational business. During an inspection, you can take photos, videos and add comments to your checklist in-app. You have all of your inspection information in one place ready to be automatically formatted into a report. There is no more putting together inspection reports from different media mediums, paper checklists and other forms of information that you once may have done.

Comparing this to the ancient clipboard method and it’s hard to understand why businesses are still using them. You inspect with a clipboard, make notes with a pen and take photos and videos with your mobile or digital camera. Once the inspection is over, you have three different forms of information that you need to put together.

The photos you have taken are not even marked against the checklist, making it much harder to remember which photo was of what. It’s all on the property manager to put the report together, accurately and professionally. It’s time consuming, inaccurate and a complete waste of time.

Instead of an inspection taking half a day to complete and format it takes ten minutes. Instead of going back to the office to format a report you can go and get a coffee, knowing that all your information is accurately recorded and formatted into a professional looking report that your clients love. Discover your true potential with property inspection software.

Erase Misunderstandings With Property Inspection Software

When you use a property inspection app, you drastically reduce the number of misunderstandings that may occur. Disagreements can quickly take a toll on relationships with clients, tenants, owners and other stakeholders that you deal with.

Most property managers have a strong despise for dealing with maintenance issues when there is no clear indicator of who is at fault. When you use a mobile inspection app, you can instantly pull up past inspections.

For example, if a tenant was disputing that a broken window was there when they got the place you could bring up your move-in inspection and compare it to your last inspection in front of them. This would easily indicate if the damage was there before the tenant moving in or not. Had you not been using property inspection software you could have had that same issue dragged out for months trying to prove who was at fault.

Being able to compare move-in reports against move-out reports allows managers to identify who is at fault and responsible.

Reports For Owners

Property owners are always looking for information and updates on their property, and it’s for a good reason. An investment property is typically considered a person’s most valuable asset, so it makes sense that owners want to know every little detail concerning their house.

SnapInspect’s generated reports are held in high regard by owners because they are in-depth and very informative. An owner can see how their property is tracking, where it needs to improve and how the tenants are treating their space at a glance.

Property inspection software can be used as a valuable selling point when you are obtaining new clients. Showcasing your reports and explaining how in-depth you can inspect if they wish can be the difference between obtaining new business or not.

Many users of mobile inspection apps use the software as one of their primary selling points; they tell their potential clients that they can ensure clear, professional reports automatically sent to them each time inspection on their property is complete.

Aside from storing all your intellectual property, SnapInspect also allows you to analyze it. Create custom reports that highlight critical data that helps you make better-informed business decisions. E.g., you can set up a report that looks at the repair cost of each home located in a particular area, giving you essential insight into the cost surrounding that particular area. This information will allow you to create a more relevant and effective budget.
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