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Vehicle Inspection Software
SnapInspect isn’t just for property inspections; the software can be used to inspect just about anything your job requires. For example, vehicles. Vehicle inspection software allows fleet managers and business owners to maintain the roadworthiness of their vehicles, Take action on un-safe vehicles before their drivers or clients use them and remind workers of due inspections and vehicle checks through scheduling and notifications.
Not sure if vehicle inspection software is right for you? Keep reading to learn about four top benefits that software will bring you when you choose to implement it into your business.

Save Time and Boost Productivity

Swapping pen and paper for digital vehicle inspections drastically cuts down the time spent on each vehicle inspection. In the past, the speed of an insection replied solely on how fast the inspector can document, write and photograph the vehicle. When you go digital the inspector can simply run through the inspection checklist, check boxes, take photos in-app and record videos. Once the inspection is complete you press “Upload”, and SnapInspect automatically formats your inspection into a clear, professional, report with company logos headings borders and signatures. The report can then be sent directly to all relevant parties. This allows you to cut out time spent generating reports, uploading photos and videos and making things look professional.
If the vehicle has a defect or maintenance issue, the inspector doesn’t have to reach for their digital camera or have to spend time writing a lengthy description. Instead, the inspector can take a photo or record a video on their mobile device. You can add annotations to pictures or notes to videos to add further detail if the issue requires. When you implement vehicle inspection software into your business, inspection data is automatically stored. This enables you to cut out the need for manual data entry completely.

The Breakdown:

As an example, say that a driver spends 10 minutes on average filling out pre-journey inspection checklists and a staff member also spends four minutes manually entering one pre-journey inspection form into excel. Say your fleet had 50 vehicles on the road, it would take 11 and a half hours to fill out inspection checklists and enter them into excel. Have 100 vehicles in your fleet? That would mean 23 hours worth of inspection related work, and that isn’t including post-journey inspections.
When you use digital vehicle inspection software, instead of pre-journey inspections taking ten minutes, they take two. The time spent entering data into excel? Zero. The data is automatically uploaded and stored on SnapInspects cloud-based server. Those same 50 vehicles that you have would take 1.6 hours. 100 vehicles? 3.3 hours. Time spent on administrative tasks is completely cut out. You free your staff from repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on other aspects of their job.

Vehicle Inspection Software enables Flawless Communication

Vehicle inspection software abolishes physical paper forms for the inspection process. The inspections are recorded and then sent directly to all relevant parties. They are stored online automatically once uploaded, which means your information will always read true to the original copy. Going digital also removes the risk of inspection forms going missing, damaged, or copied incorrectly. Say a staff member completes a vehicle inspection. They have noticed a few problem areas and head over to their work station bench to fill out comments on the form, not bothering to clean the grease off their hands. Once complete, they hand the form to their senior and get back onto the shop floor to continue inspections. The senior picks up the form and tries to give it a quick review. Between the grease smudges, oil spots and your staff members scribble handwriting, the senior has no idea what anything says. The senior then must rush around trying to find the staff member to decipher what the inspection says. If you are still using pen and paper to conduct reports, then this scenario will be a common occurrence in your workplace. When you use vehicle inspection software, your whole workplace can read inspections reports with ease. Your senior won’t need to leave their desk when an inspection is complete; they can view everything from their laptop once the report is uploaded.

Elevate Your Business With Vehicle Inspection Software

Overall, vehicle inspection software elevates your business in a way that no other tool can. Your staff will love you for making their job easier, and your clients will love you for providing clear, professional reports that send to them instantly. You have the power to bring up old reports, access critical information and compare pre and post-journey reports against each other. You can also access this information from anywhere you please as long as you have an internet connection. Increase turnaround, boost staff productivity and create a working environment that your employees can thrive in by using vehicle inspection software.
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