Property Inspection Software Elevates Your Business

property inspection software
Property Inspection Software is growing in popularity. More companies than ever before are discovering the potential technology posses to transform business operations. Sadly, more than 75% of property managers are still using pen and paper for their inspections.

Property management is a tough gig. You essentially wear ten different hats, and you are expected to wear each one, most days. From tenant dispute resolution, maintenance tasks to collecting late rent- property managers have their hands full.

Keep reading to discover how you can free yourself from long hours, automate admin based, repetitive roles and ultimately transform your entire business process.

Property Inspection Software Simplifies The Process

Property inspection software isn’t solely about saving time on inspections. The software is designed to elevate the productivity of your entire business operations. Managers would much rather be out of the office getting things done, than working through mountains of paperwork and data entry tasks they are often faced with. SnapInspect aims to declutter your daily tasks and consolidate them all into one simple solution.

Cloud-Based Server SnapInspect does not interfere with any current IT software systems. Instead, the app works much like a Gmail account, which also uses a cloud-based server. This means you can access your SnapInspect account with all your intellectual property from any device or computer. All you need is an internet connection. Thanks to cloud technology, you can also use your app offline, meaning you do not need an internet connection to conduct your digital inspections.
No Specific Tool Requirements –Property inspection software doesn’t require you to buy a new inspectors tool or download clunky software onto your desktop. Just log in to our software online like you would a facebook account, and download the app from the app store directly onto your device. Maintenance and inspections –The most significant cost for a property manager is maintenance repairs. Property inspection software allows you to track inspections and maintenance work. It also allows you to record any repair work that needs to be scheduled. Once you have scheduled it our software automatically sends an email to your maintenance team informing them of the new task. Eliminate paper & Errors – Go digital with property inspection software, and you will turn your entire office paperless. There is not a single property management firm in today’s world that wouldn’t benefit from using software to go paperless. SnapInspect also eliminates the chance of errors. The smallest mistake can quite often be the most expensive. Eliminate the risk of invalid reports by allowing a software system to do it for you.

Property Inspection Software On The Spot

Traditional inspection methods were destined to give you a headache. You walk the property with your clipboard. You fill out your checklist with a pen. You then re-walk the property taking photos with a digital camera. Next, you take your findings back to the office and attempt to format everything into a professional report. When you are doing up to five inspections per day, this can quickly take a toll on your motivation levels, enthusiasm and overall desire to complete tasks. Property inspection software enables you to bypass the labor-intensive tasks. When you swap to digital inspections, you walk the property once. You take photos in-app on your phone that load directly to the final report. You can use voice dictation to fill out comments. Next, you press “upload,” once the report is uploaded it automatically generates into a preset professional report. You can automate sending this out to clients, maintenance staff and tenants. Essentially, once you leave the property your job is done.

Use digital inspections as a selling point

Many of our clients use SnapInspect as a selling point when they are meeting with potential tenants or property owners. This is because they can show them that every single detail about the property will be noted, recorded and stored safely in our system.

One of the biggest complications about managing a property is deciding who is responsible for what. Tenants and property owners are attracted to the fact that you can protect not only them but the property entirely by using SnapInspect. You have inspection reports with photos, videos, comments and precise time and date stamps that back up claims. You can compare a move-in inspection to a move-out inspection side by side, pull previous inspections up on your device to compare in real-time, and even allow tenants to fill in reports on your behalf.

It’s easy to see why SnapInspect has become a critical element in property managers pitch decks around the world. We create a system for your company that revolutionizes your entire business process. You sell differently, inspection differently, allocate time differently, and ultimately take control of your business to become the most proficient version you can be. Protect your Information with Cloud software

Become A Digital Leader within your Industry

A digital leader is a company that selects the right tools, inspires competitors, and uses technology to serve their clients better. When a business is recognized as being a leader within their niche or community, the reputation of that business will contribute to increased growth.
Given that a large portion of the property management industry isn’t using digital inspections, by merely implementing the software you place your self at the forefront of leaders challenging traditional procedures.

To successfully become a digital leader, you must ensure your technology takes customer satisfaction to the next level. Like any business, your actions should reflect your aim of serving customers better. When you use a property inspection software solution like SnapInspect, you can exceed your client’s expectations and display a level of professionalism that others not using software can’t do.

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