8 Websites You Should List Your Rental Property On

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Property managers must realise that we are living in a digital world. Tenants want interactive, online content. They want to see more than three pictures of the property and a list of the layout. Potential tenants want social proof, rental reviews, video, 3D walkthroughs and other forms of dynamic content.
Advertising via Newspaper isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to capture prospective tenants attention within seconds if you want to gain new leases. Keep reading below to learn about ten websites we think you should be advertising on.

Your Website

If it isn’t already, your website should be a hub for all of your rental listings. You should customise all listing aspects; from catchy descriptions, video guides, to management staff details. You want your website to be the first place a prospective tenant comes to learn about your company. Make sure that company reviews are displayed on your site and encapsulate what it is like to deal with you and your team. In a digital age, you need to optimize your website for mobile devices. More than 60% of users will leave your site if it takes more than three seconds to load on their mobile device. Having a functional website will allow tenants to get a greater understanding of each property.



Zillowis an online rental marketplace dedicated to empowering its users. Zillow offers a “hand-to-hand” solution that can help you sell your home under pressure.
This means that they serve to every aspect of owning and living in a home; Buying, renting, selling, financing, renovating and many more. With over 110 million U.S homes – including homes for sale and lease in addition to home values and houses that are about to be placed on the market.
Zillow is one of the most trusted and reliable platforms online when it comes to catering to the full life-cycle of owning and living in a house.


Realtor.com is the official website for the National Association of Realtors. Boasting over 40 million consumers each month, with over 4 million homes available. Realtor.com can be harder to understand, using a more complex interface than competitors like Zillow. The website only allows property managers and owners to advertise their property, allowing tenants to be at ease and not fear being taken advantage of.


Trulia is a system that allows you to research property and neighborhoods through the web and mobile apps. Through gathering insights directly from locals and offering filters like map overlays, they give people a deep understanding of what living in each home and neighbor would be like. Map overlays offer details on commuting, reported crime, schools, businesses and more. Trulia picks up the slack where most property managers/agents fall short. They allow you to understand best what living in each neighbourhood/property would be like.


Rentdigs is a free USA-wide rental property listing website. Tenants can search for rentals, rent-to-own homes and moving companies. Rentdigs is 100% free, with no fees associated with listing or searching for a rental. Although, you only get a single display photo for the listing, so make it a good one. In addition to this Rentdigs also allows you to input simple information on the listing.


Hotpads is a marketplace that connects tenants with the urban housing market. This rental search platform caters to the urban tenant. Listings display as addresses, which allows users to search from a location-based search. In 2012 HotPads was acquired by Zillow. However, in 2014 HotPads relaunched as an updated version


By catering predominantly to the millennial population, Rent.com has become one of the largest providers on this list. They pride themselves on offering an easy-to-use marketplace that helps renters explore verified listings from sources that they trust. They provide extensive resources on each property like 3D floor plans, HD photos, certified ratings and reviews from satisfied residents.


Airbnb is a globally trusted online short term rental marketplace. Hosts can rent out their properties, spare rooms, sleep outs etc. to guests. They have a variety of one-of-a-kind properties. From treehouses in Mexico to mansions in the Hollywood hills, Airbnb has it all. It uses a simple user interface which makes booking straightforward. Just book online, turn up on the date you scheduled and enjoy your property! Airbnb has revolutionised the short term rental/vacation rental industry tremendously, with more than 33,000 cities and 192 countries signing up.
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