How to Avoid a Property Inspection Complaint

bigstock-Checklist-from-the-Real-Estate-25860761Every job has its challenges. While the property inspection field is rewarding on several levels, it’s definitely not a walk in the park to be taken lightly. Some days will be better than others, and no client or assignment is the same. The key is trying to prevent an irreconcilable issue before it happens. It’s not always possible but for the sake of your business, it’s a good idea to make every attempt to keep your conscience clear and make negotiable moves that will instill and keep you clients’ trust of your expertise.

Set Clear Company Objectives

The ultimate comfort for most consumers is clarity. It’s important to make prospects, as well as existing clients, feel at ease about their understanding of your principles and how you work as a professional in the industry. If anything’s left muddled, you’re destined to pay for it in some form or fashion.

Be sure to establish principles that are well thought out and articulated.  The best approach is to provide a disclaimer that should be located in a noticeable area on your website, as well as on any documentation that’s exchanged between you and your client base. This way, no one can come back to you later and demand an explanation for something that was already clearly written. Remember customers might not initially tell you if they’re confused by your rhetoric or processes; it’s more likely that an individual will only complain when they feel they’ve been wronged or misled. Clearly stating your guidelines and how your services are in compliance with standard practices will help curb any conflict.

Initiate an Approach for Financial Claims

You also want to be honest about your rates and where each client stands in their obligation to pay for your services. Work out some type of negotiation procedure before any occurrences emerge. While nothing is black and white, it’s best to consider how you’ll determine the validity of a complaint in the event there’s one that surfaces.

Fine-tune Your Customer Service Skills

It may sound cliché’ but the phrase ‘The Customer’s Always Right’ rings true in the business world.  A bad situation can easily be turned into a disaster because of lack of care and attentiveness given to      customers. Those who don’t feel listened to or misunderstood are less likely to try and make amends with you.

Regardless of what caused a client’s frustration, keep in mind that the way you resolve the matter affects the way others perceive your company. This doesn’t mean to give up standing your ground on issues where your reasoning is correct, but you should always strive to remain diplomatic so you don’t risk driving away clientele during sensitive scenarios.

Don’t Burn Bridges

The world isn’t as big as you think. You never know who you’ll come in contact with or whose help you may need in the future. For instance, you might find out a former classmate is a mentor in the association that you’ve just joined. If you two weren’t on the best terms during your studies, the person won’t be too thrilled to make themselves available for any questions or concerns you have as a new member or business owner whose still trying to incorporate the most fitting property inspection software. Try to nurture all your relationships to ensure they don’t come back to bite you later.


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