Improving Outdoor Space after Property Inspection

4Being a property manager gives you the chance to recommend certain renovations to homeowners. One area of consideration is the outdoor space of a rental property. If after using your property inspection software you find that the house’s exterior is not utilized well, you can advise the property owner to invest in an outdoor remodeling project. This has many inherent advantages such as the ability to attract more people to view what is inside the house and the likelihood that potential renters will actually settle in the place. That aside, a great outdoor spot is just appealing, especially for outdoorsy individuals.

What do people typically like?

According to the Residential Landscape Architecture survey done in 2013, people want entertaining spaces outside their homes as this expands their living space. Ninety-six percent of the correspondents also opined that outdoor grills and table sets are essentials for enjoyable cookouts. The overall response from the survey suggests that having recreational activities outside the house is a priority aspect to look at for investors and renters alike.

How will you convince your clients to commit to another investment? Here are some things that can be done to improve outdoor space following the use of property inspection software:


Landscaping refers to any activity that aims to modify the visible attributes of an area of land. This includes living elements, such as plants and animals, and natural elements like land forms and bodies of water. Many people focus on gardening when it comes to landscaping their outdoor space. The inclusion of native plants, multi-colored flowers, and easy-to-maintain outdoor structures seems ideal. Nevertheless, property owners must strive to go for a sustainable design that can last for a long period of time. Landscaping an outdoor space can get very expensive so moderation in choosing the right elements is a basic rule.

LED Lights

A well-lit garden at night is a pretty sight to look at, but lighting costs can soar if the wrong type of bulbs is used. Experts suggest the use of LED lights as they use up to 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, they can last for some years before you will need to replace them. These lights can be used to line walkways, patios, shrubberies, and other areas of the garden. It is also helpful to know that there are types of LED lighting that can illuminate very large areas despite low power consumption.

Recreational facilities

Lastly, recreational facilities can be added in big outdoor spaces. This may come in the form of pools, outdoor tennis courts, and even playgrounds for small children. While this may seem to be an expensive move, renters would not hesitate to pay for added costs just to enjoy these amenities outside the house. Installing a barbecue or outdoor grill beside these facilities can also lead to more activities and get-togethers for the family.

Those are just some of the things that you can recommend to your clients, especially if you have used property inspection software to examine an outdoor space.

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