Property Inspection App Gives Clients Report Options

Property Inspection Apps Helping to Do Away With DocumentsEvery client has individual needs that need to be met when you are creating a property inspection report. The more options you can offer to your clients, the happier they will be with the service you provide, especially if you can give them just what they need. Whether it is digital copies, hard copies, or specific file formats, an excellent property inspection app and software will allow you to have a range of options available, and the end result will be an attractive solution to your clients’ problems. Here are some of the options an effective property inspection app will offer for your inspection report creation and distribution.

Optional File Formats

The two most popular file formats in which you can offer a copy of your inspection reports are Microsoft Word documents and PDFs. If you have a versatile, quality inspection app and software, then you will be able to offer BOTH of these formats to your clients. You shouldn’t have to choose one or the other, because this could cause you to lose clients if you can’t offer them what they need, and limit your ability to produce the results that your company needs to advertise. Check with your software provider to see if you have the ability to create multiple file formats, and if not, you may want to shop around to see if another company can help you do so.

Edit Reports Online

Sometimes, there is inaccurate or inadequate information provided on certain areas of your property inspection reports after they have been created, and you need to be able to correct this. With some software, this means that you would need to perform the entire inspection over again, which can cost time and money, as well as disrupt the lives of anyone living in the property at the time. Rather than going through all that hassle to produce an accurate report, you should have software that allows you to edit information online after the inspection is complete. This way, you don’t have to go through the wasteful process of doing it all over again.

Email Your Reports

The faster you can supply your client with a complete and accurate report, the more satisfied they will be. If your clients would prefer to have the report as quickly as possible, rather than waiting for a physical copy, you can offer them a safe copy via email, if you are working with a capable program. You don’t need an app to email an attachment, if that is the way you want to send your report, but these can be unsafe, or inaccessible from certain devices, which means that the client wouldn’t have the best access to it. Instead you should email a link that the client can follow to access your report. Then there is no chance of an attachment failure, and you can offer a more up-to-date option for your customers.

Give your clients this variety of options, and they are sure to be happy with your services. Look for these features in a new inspection app, or ask if they are available through the company you work with.

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