Smart Home Technology and Mobile Property Management Software

bigstock-World-Map-On-Screen-45819346While the world hasn’t exactly reached a point where homes can do everything for you, it has come quite a long way toward it. With new technology that has been developed, especially recently, you can be connected to your home and appliances at all times with the internet and a dependable mobile device. If you are managing a property, and already using your mobile device to perform inspections and other management tasks, this just adds a few more tricks to your repertoire. With a few installations and purchases, you can have a connected home that clients will be eager to rent or purchase.

Smart Appliances

You can now control many of the appliances and fixtures in your home with special appliances made with connection capability, and programs on your mobile device. There is a long list of items you can install to work this way, and it all depends on what you are looking for. If you want a smart kitchen, there are coffee pots, ovens, faucets, and more that can be connected to your phone. If you would rather go for something that works throughout the entire home, you can get lights, sound systems, televisions, washers, dryers, and many other things. With the tap of your finger you can light up areas you want to highlight or feature, demonstrate the operation of specific appliances. You can even install motorized window coverings that can be controlled in a mobile fashion, which can add an extra advanced feel to your home. These updates can add up if you do them all at once, but the end result is a hi-tech home that renters and buyers will love.

Mobile Home Security

Home security and alarm systems have gotten more impressive every year, and now you can interact with them anywhere, with the right security plan and a mobile device. Having mobile access to your home security system can allow you to check that all of the doors and window are secure, engage some locks that are connected, interact with lights in the home or set timers for extra security measures, and be alerted if there is a threat or any questionable activity at the property while you are away. If you set locks on your doors that can be manipulated with your security software, you no longer have to fumble with a bunch of keys to access your property. You can even have security cameras installed, and be able to access the video on your device if you want to directly monitor what is happening. This is more home security interaction than was ever available before.

Update Property Management

If you install an interactive security system, or smart devices and appliances in your home, you can change the way you work with the homes you manage. Now you can access and interact with your rental properties or homes for sale from the same mobile device that you use to do inspections and schedule property tasks. This is another mobile tool that you can add to your real estate “tool belt” which will help you make a modern and professional impression with your clients.

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