Property Inspection Apps with Video Can Assist Your Insurance

property inspectionProperty inspection apps come with tons of useful features and one of the best ones available is the video property inspection.  With the video inspection, you can create a live walkthrough of your property, which allows you to get a more detailed view of problem areas, and give better instructions for maintenance. While this is handy for your own, internal business purposes, it can serve functions even more useful, by helping you handle certain insurance matters. Creatively using your inspection app for extra purposes can help you get even more out of you this investment than you originally intended, and enhance your property management experience.

Property Insurance in Brief

Real estate professionals are usually well aware of the necessity for property insurance, which is useful for protecting investments and guarding against legal issues that can arise from owning a property, or renting a home to a tenant. Commercial property insurance can be difficult to choose, but it is necessary to protect you from dangers like fire, tornadoes, hail, and other naturaldisasters. If an event like this should occur, the insurance you pay for each month would help you recover from the damage by paying for some portion of the cost to repair or replace your property. Of course, how much you pay depends on what kind of coverage you need, and the best case scenario is that you never need to use your insurance at all, but it definitely pays to have it ready. In order to get help from your insurance company, you need to file a claim. This is the part where you property inspection videos can make a world of difference.

Inspection App Videos for Claims

A property inspection app with video capability can give you many benefits. The most obvious benefit is the professional appearance you can portray to your customers, which can also benefit you with your insurance company. When you obtain an app with video, you can take a thorough walkthrough of your property to get a close, accurate, live portrayal of the state of your property, before anything happens to it, or anyone lives in it. Once you have filmed such a walkthrough, you can send it to the database storing all of your property management information, whether that is through the app company, or another company caring for you storage needs. This video is better than a receipt in proving to your insurance company what kind of property you had and what condition it was in before any disaster.

When damage occurs, you can immediately take a comprehensive video of the damaged property with your mobile device. This will allow you to present your insurance company with before and after footage of your property, to help them determine the amount of help you are entitled to. Pictures are great, and a written report can be helpful, but neither compare to video proof of your damage.

Ask Your Insurance Company

If you are unsure whether a video tour of your property with your inspection app would be a useful method for claims with your insurance company, just ask them. They will be able to walk you through claims procedures and answer your questions. Video tours of your property can be very useful tools, both for your customers, and for you.

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