Property Inspection Software: Why Property Managers Should Use Technology To Complete Inspections

property inspection software
Property inspection software is disrupting the real estate industry at a rapid pace. What was once seen as a lackluster process, Has been re-designed and is now much more straightforward and productive.

Property managers across all industries are experiencing improved inspection operations, efficiency, and productivity. This allows inspectors to have improved interaction with clients, Improved daily processes, and even use technology as a selling point.

Find out why managers are swapping the pen and paper out for digital inspections below.

Simplify Your Process With Property Inspection Software

Property Inspection software enhances property inspectors daily operations. Every task that you have to do regularly can be optimized, automated, and completed with the app. When you implement digital inspections into your operations, manual, outdated tasks like using a clipboard, using a digital camera, printing checklists, and more are either eliminated, optimized, or automated. 

Property inspection software is so simple; it’s complicated. Wait… what? Let us explain. The more you use the simple solution to carry out inspections, the more information and data the software solution is gathering that can populate dashboards, offer insights, and gather intelligence.

Before and After Using Property Inspection Software 


Typically, property managers would load excel, enter your checklist information into a report, and then conduct the inspection using the checklist previously made. When you use a property inspection app such as SnapInspect, you load your checklists directly into the software as a one-off. It’s that simple. There is no Excel formatting, no skewed reports, no printing, and no waste. Everything is made simple by being mobile.


Instead of completing inspections with a clipboard and digital camera, you carry out inspections on your phone and take photos in-app with your mobile device’s camera. If you have an in-depth property inspection app, you can also capture video to show further details of the asset you are inspecting. So, Throw that digital camera out you don’t need it! (Don’t actually throw your camera away you need that for Christmas, birthdays and family events.)

Inspection Time:

Given that most inspectors previously used a clipboard, pen, digital camera, and a mobile phone for communication, inspection time was long. With so many different processes occurring within a single inspection, time naturally dragged on taking anywhere from one to three hours. When you go digital, your entire inspection process becomes central through your mobile device. This fact along with intuitive features that automate, and promote productivity is the reason why property inspection software can cut inspection times by at least 75%.

Formatting Inspection:

For years property managers have battled to get all of the information recorded during an inspection into a professional formatted and branded report. Usually, they would take all of their pieces of paper, digital camera, condition comments recorded from the inspection and attempt to create a final professional report on the computer. This typically took an afternoon or full-day depending on the size and detail of the inspection. Naturally, managers dreaded coming back to the office with a car full of notes scribbled on paper.

 Property inspection software has completely changed this process. Since the entire inspection process is digital, and already in your phone, software like SnapInspect can format, load, and create a professionally branded report that your clients will love in seconds. Rather than having to import photos, type out comments and format data, you press “Upload” on the mobile app. This will automatically generate a report based on pre-selected report template options.

This will save you hours each time you want to create a report from an inspection. Instead of having to dedicate hours each time you inspect you press “Upload.” Not only do you save time from eliminating the report formatting process, but you also have huge amounts of time on actual inspection time by going digital.

Intuitive Software Designed For Easy Use 

Robust property inspection software will require no technical expertise, allowing your team to use the app easily. Enticing, easy-to-use property inspection apps will create a positive environment for your team to adapt to the new solution. Companies at the forefront of the property inspection software industry such as SnapInspect, design their software with the end-user in mind. If you can use google search, you can use property inspection apps.

With most companies sharing a clear determination to make software as simple as possible, it’s not hard to see why managers all over the world are swapping pen and paper for mobile devices.

Outclass Your Competitors 

When you implement property inspection software into your everyday business operations, you leave your competition in the dust. Your overall client satisfaction rate will skyrocket. This is because you have all of their information on hand, ready to be pulled up at a moments notice. This alone gives clients assurance that you are a competent property manager. Not only will your clients love you for your data organization; They will love you for having beautifully branded reports, side by side move in/move out inspection comparisons, auto-emails that send as soon as an inspection has been walked by a manager, electronic signatures and more.

Property Inspection software is the single most significant selling point inspectors and managers alike are using to sell their businesses today.
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