Property Management Companies doing Social Media Right

The goal of social media is to establish a connection between your audience and your brand. 2018 has seen property management companies across the industry have been increasing their social media efforts, and a few have been killing it!

It’s no easy feat to build an audience, engage with them and supply them with content that they relate and appeal to.

Below we showcase our favorite property management companies doing social media right.

AMLI Residential

AMLI’s Instagram is composed of beautiful HD shots of their properties and the communities that live in them. Posting every few days their feed constantly shows glamorous landscaping, luxurious pool settings, rooftop views and even places great to eat nearby.

You can very easily find yourself lurking through all of their photos, they hold a high standard for each post and never repeat content, which entices Instagram users to spend longer than usual amounts of time on their account.

What they do the best: AMLI’s Instagram is a highlight reel for their business. They place their product at the center of content that resonates with Instagram users.

GreyStar Real Estate Partners

GreyStar Real estate Partners have found the winning formula when it comes to displaying properties on social media. Their YouTube channel has graceful videos displaying their available properties, and amenities. The biggest take away from GreyStar is the fact that they have found a way to bring an entertainment element into property tours. They use peaceful backing music, subjects that use big smiles when detailing the property and instill an immense sense of community from the beginning.

What they do best: Not only do they show the property in the video tour they also go the extra mile and film surrounding areas of interest such as restaurants, parks, shopping, and entertainment.

Park La Brea Apartments

Property Management Companies doing Social Media

Park La Brea Apartments twitter has built a beautiful community around their tenants and followers. They feature various events that are happening close-by, local news and they even recommend their favorite coffee spots. Positioning themselves as an insider guide means they can quickly build trust with tenants current and future.

What they do best: Highlight community events and bring tenants together by creating a unique community.


Jadyn Dixon Bayley’s Real Estate

Jadyn Dixon has hit the nail on the head with his video content. From jumping off jet skis in a suit to enlisting the help of dancing with the stars judges to showcase a property, he truly has original content.

He brings a high-energy, natural approach to generate interest among his listings.

What they do best: Across the board, Jadyn maintains a high-level quality on all social media. From his website to video production everything is polished with a professional feel.

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