How To Get The Most Out Of Your Rental Property Description

Rental property description

In today’s aggressive rental market, you need more than stunning photos to lure in potential tenants. In addition to photos, You need a rental property description that engages your target audience. Whether writing comes naturally, or you must work at it, following the below steps will give you a clear path to writing engaging content for your listing. You must be able to provide potential tenants a feel of what your property offers.

Write with your tenants at the forefront of your mind

When writing your rental property description, You need to provide enough key information about your place to display a sense of what it’s like to live there. Think about writing for your property being a highlight reel of your house. What do you love about spending time there? What draws other people to the property?

Make your headline count

When reading a magazine or newspaper, or more accurately when you are scrolling Instagram and Facebook you most probably scan for stories that interest you the most, ones with bold titles and enticing photos. The same can be applied to the rental market. A great headline makes it easier for tenants to identify your place as a potential future home.

Rental property description


By now you should have a good understanding of your properties strong selling points. Make a rough outline listing of all the points you want your description to cover. Don’t worry about putting anything into full sentences or using proper grammar. Turn your focus to getting all your ideas out that you want to be included in your rental property description.

If you find yourself stuck, give yourself a one-minute timer and write every single positive thing you can think about your property down. Most of the ideas below are very common features in a rental description. Keep reading below if you are having trouble getting started.

Rental price: Yes this does include deposits and additional fees. Serious renters always start their property search with the rental pricing at the forefront of their minds. Listing the price upfront will help screen out the serious from not so serious inquiries.

House Layout:  List the different spaces within your house. Most renters already have an idea of what sort of area they are after. How many bedrooms are there? How many livings areas? Etc. Listing your rental price and house layout at the start of your description will help future tenants find you quicker. Go one step further and help potential renters visualize the property by including a floor plan or even a virtual walk-through.

Overall vibe: While its essential to cover all the stats, layout and other key features your property has, it’s also important to highlight the property overall. What feel does it give off? Is it a simplistic modern design with a fluid indoor-outdoor flow?

Listings should not exclusively list features they have. Highlight the overall vibe and feel of your property too. Tenants want to know if your place has a rustic, earthy toned living space or a simplistic modern black and white studio with exposed brick.

Whatever it may be, do your best to describe it accurately and in a way that will attract new viewers. A quick google of competitive property listing descriptions will arm you with enough buzzwords to fill a listing mag. And of course, it goes without saying- be sure to mention how much natural lighting you have-people love that stuff, right?

Facilities: Appliances, washing machines, dryer’s dishwasher’s fridges, etc. are all extremely valuable to potential tenants and can often be the swaying factor. Briefly discuss which appliances you have, the main point of this is again weeding out the tenants that are not in line with your property. Your place has off the road parking? Mention it! A big garage? Even better! Think of any item on your property that adds additional value.

Photographs: As mentioned on our blog previously, photos are one of the most valuable ways to convey the true nature of your property. Obviously, a rental listing is not complete without photos. Previously, we have written about why enlisting the help of a professional photographer is so important for lasting success.

Local flavor: Location, Location, Location: Make sure to include how close your space is to nearby businesses, attractions, shops, schools, public transport, etc. painting a picture of what the community vibe is like is the perfect finishing touch on a rental property listing.

Don’t sweat the small stuff? Well, you should. Think about how many different listings your future tenants will be scrolling through every day when they are on the rental hunt. Let it be known what makes your property unique, describe every detail possible. The more boxes you can check in your rental property description the better inquiries you will get. Stand out from the competitors in any way possible.

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