SEO Tips for Property Management Companies – Part One

Seo Optimize Keywords Links Signpost Shows Website Marketing OptSearch engine optimization (SEO) is made up of several things. Property management companies can either utilize the skills of a team member with SEO experience or they can hire an individual or a company to optimize their site. The problem many property management companies have worries about the process. One major worry is if they hire someone for this task, are results guaranteed? An additional worry, whether it is an internal employee or an outsourced project, are the tactics used to gain a good spot in the search engines. Here are a few SEO tips that property management companies should implement to improve their rank. Over the next few weeks, we will discuss many great SEO tips to help your property management company improve its search engine placement.

Search Engines are Different

Most people who are tasked with the very important job of SEO often make one critical mistake. Search engines rank sites based on different criteria, but most people aim for SEO in relation only to Google. SEO tactics should be incorporated from every search engine for good placement.

No one really knows Google’s rules for SEO, but there’s plenty of speculation: good keywords, authoritative links, fresh content, and a web site that is established. Bing publishes blogs to assist in the SEO process for their search engine. Criteria is clearly listed. Some of the factors you should incorporate include keywords that are well distributed, fresh content, and using Bing tools to submit your web page. Yahoo SEO guidelines include the number of external web links to your page, fresh content, and how often you update. As you can see, while there are some similarities, the search engines base their rankings according to their own parameters.

Keyword Research

The entire point of hosting a property management page is to earn the trust of new clients and to rent out the property. Those goals are lost if no one visits the page. Keywords are important. You must use the right keywords that accurately describe your property management company and use them well.

Choosing the right keywords isn’t necessarily an easy task. If your property management company only managed commercial property, you could try to use the city name, property management, commercial property, or any variation. However, there’s probably a lot of competition for ranking with those words. You could use a keyword research tool to know the level of search engine saturation in relation to your chosen words. If your commercial property is primarily high rise buildings that are in the downtown area of your building, then you should choose keywords based on those factors.

Fresh Content

Fresh content is another area that all of the search engines have in common. If you post duplicate content or if you do not update your site regularly with valuable content, then your search engine placement will suffer. It may seem like a difficult task to write about property management every day. It doesn’t have to be hard. Think about the industry news and advancements that you would want to read. Think about the subjects that you wish you knew more about when you first started in property management. Then, write a short article or blog post with your keywords well placed.

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