Eight Property Inspection Software Necessities

Data Storage Concept IllustrationYour property management company or team has decided to make the transition to property inspection software. It can be an exciting and terrifying time of change. The property management team is excited about the time saving potential. We all love it when our work is made easier and more productive. Yet, many have fears on whether or not digital property inspection is the right choice for the business. Here are eight things you should look for when choosing a digital inspection app.

Pick the Right Software

The most useful tip when transitioning to a property management inspection app is to choose the app that will best meet your needs. There are numerous apps on the market and that can make the decision overwhelming. Picking the right software is made easier by trying an app that allows a free trial period. Good property inspection software will offer an alert feature for the next time an inspection is due.

Look for Default Checklists

Property inspection software should include standard checklists for your use. Make sure that the checklists included will meet your needs. If they don’t, it is essential to find out if you can build your own checklists. Digital checklists cut down paper production.

Report Features

The purpose of performing a property inspection is so that the property management company can report the condition of the premises to the client. Many people involved in property management don’t want to switch to digital property inspection because they don’t think that the reports will be integrated into the software. If you need to provide a detailed report to property owners or want a detailed report for your own records, there are digital property inspection apps that include the ability to customize reports.

Video Support

Often, photos aren’t enough to convey a particular property issue. This is particularly true if you will need to present your report in a court of law. Choosing property inspection software that supports video can be vital to your case. Video walk throughs are also beneficial to those who are looking to purchase property that cannot visit the premises in person.

Editing Features

Certain property inspection apps do not allow the user to edit the inspections on the smart device. Sadly, this can produce double work for the property management team member tasked with inspection duties. Look for an app that allows for editing online and that has multiple production methods for reports.

Data Back Up

It’s important to know about where and how property inspection data is backed up. One key feature to look for is how and where the data will be stored. Secured cloud technology in multiple locations is best.


Support is essential to those making the switch to digital property inspection. The app chosen should offer an adequate online database that can answer the most commonly asked questions. It should also assign a dedicated team of professionals to answer questions and offer training sessions.


SnapInspect offers 98% customer satisfaction. We offer video inspection, custom reports, and toll free assistance. In addition to those great features, we offer a two week free trial! If you are considering digital inspection software, sign up for the free trial and find out just how easy digital property inspection can be for you and your team.

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