Inspect Your Property Twice Each Year


Being a property owner comes with many responsibilities. One major responsibility is inspecting your property. Property inspection should be done at least twice each year. It is important to do a thorough inspection inside and outside of the property. Thanks to the quick advancement of technology, this task is made easier with the use of property inspection software.

Inspecting the Inside of Your Property

If you rent out commercial or residential property, it is essential that you know the condition of its interior. Unfortunately, many property owners only check the interior when a tenant vacates the property. That means they inspect the inside once per year. What if catching something small prior to that meant that your tenant stayed longer or the problem could be fixed at a cheaper price? That is why you should check the inside of your unit twice per year.

If you’re new to property ownership, you might not know what you should check. Simply taking a broad look inside is not enough. You must be thorough in your property inspection. You should inspect the following items:

  • Do all doors and windows shut and lock?
  • Is the carpet stain free or is it in the same condition from move in?
  • Is the paint free of damage?
  • Are the tile surfaces stain free?
  • Are there any burn marks in the kitchen?
  • Does the plumbing show signs of leaking or rust?
  • Is there any mold or mildew in the bathroom?
  • Are all power outlets in working condition?
  • Is the heat and air system in working condition?
  • Are smoke alarms functional?
  • Do all of the internal lights work?

It is important that you document what you find in writing and with pictures. Technology has made this much easier by the invention of digital property inspection tools.

Inspecting the Outside of Your Property

The outside of your property is the first impression that will be made on potential tenants and investors. You really do only get one chance to make a first impression. Here are a few things that you should inspect on the outside of your property.

  • Does the overall view of the property give you the impression it is kept in good repair?
  • Is the external paint in good condition?
  • Are the windows clean and free of cracks or chips?
  • Is the roof in good condition?
  • Is the fence in good condition?
  • Is the lawn maintained?
  • Is the address clearly visible?

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive as some properties may have other factors that should be checked.

Making Inspection Easier and Faster

Time is at a premium, but it is even more so for those that own or manage property. Property inspection is made easier and faster with a property inspection app. A property inspection app can make the inspection process 75% faster. Digital property inspection saves you the hassle of typing notes that were made by hand and uploading photos from a digital camera. Property inspection apps take photos and many have built in check lists to help you inspect your property.

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