Phone Compatibility Issue with Property Inspection Apps

property management softwareThere is one good reason why you should research well before purchasing a property inspection app. Some developers that have only surfaced lately may be making apps that are not compatible with non-flagship devices. This puts your property management office at a disadvantage since not all of your staffers can afford to buy the most up-to-date phones and mobile devices. There are certain steps that you can take, however, in order to avoid this problem. Here are some aspects to consider in looking for the best app:

Provider history

If an app has a good track record of serving multiple clients over the last years, the company behind it must be making inspection software that is both adaptable and reliable. You can Google the name of the app and see how the company started or what industry experts have to say. Better yet, evaluate the firsthand experience of property managers who have used the mobile app. If the response from customers is generally positive, take that as a good sign and narrow down your search. You can also visit the app’s official website and see if there are notable brands that have continually relied on the software through the years.

Customer reviews in mobile markets

Another way to analyze phone compatibility is by visiting the mobile markets yourself and exploring customer reviews. iTunes and Google Play have scoring systems that will let you have an idea of the efficiency of an app in just one glance. If the rated score is very good, there is no doubt that you are looking at a potential investment. You can also browse through the individual reviews from the users, noting both the good and bad points about the app. More importantly, see if users have any problems in making the app work in their devices.

Continual updates

You will also have to observe if an app is continually updated. Compatibility issues are usually resolved through regular bug fixes and stabilization efforts. Furthermore, the way a provider addresses their customers’ concerns is one way to gauge its sincerity to provide good customer service. If you go to mobile markets for both iOs and Android, you will notice when the last update was done by reading the app description. Reviews may also be affected by the said updates, so be critical in filtering information.

The bottom line

Buying flagship devices is unnecessary if you can look for an app with minimal processing requirements. This is where you will see the beauty of well-developed apps as they can run on most devices without having phone compatibility as an issue. Whether you are using an iPhone 4 or the most recent iPhone 5S, functionality should be the same with a lightweight app.

Thus, if you are worried about performance because you have a relatively old phone, you can be assured that you have some good options in the market. Lastly, you can always bank on free trials for you to have actual experience of using a specific app.

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