Cloud Storage and Dropbox Integration in Property Inspection Apps

Cloud Business Phone Service: Standardize Your BYOD Property ManagementMost inspectors are always on the go, especially when they have to serve multiple clients in one day. This is the reason why there is a need to digitize the inspection process using a reliable property inspection app. With mobile technology, inspectors can manage their time better by delivering reports in a fast-paced yet accurate manner. In connection with this, mobile apps that employ cloud storage or file-sharing capability are seen as most helpful since they permit instantaneous submissions of work through the internet.

Sending reports to the cloud

Before, property inspectors had to go back to their offices after a series of inspections to spend more time in finalizing their paperwork. This is no longer the case today. With an inspection app on your iOS or Android device, you can simply fill out a template without having to worry about issues on encoding and formatting. Even if you will still have to type the important details, the overall time spent on the task is significantly cut down as a visual report can be created with just a tap on your phone screen.

Above all else, a property inspection app lets you submit your work online with your device. Since almost everyone has access to internet nowadays, this becomes an organizational asset with great potential to hasten many processes. For example, you will not have to report to your office just to deliver reports. If you are handling multiple inspections in a day, you can practically submit one report after another with the basic requirement of having a working telecommunication network such as 3G, 4G, or LTE.

Most app developers provide cloud storage, or virtual storage, today. They set up your dedicated account in their own cloud and let you upload all reports there in the shortest time possible, depending on the quality of your connection.

The convenience of Dropbox integration

App developers have stepped it up a notch by integrating Dropbox with their mobile solutions. Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that can be accessed in any computer or mobile device. This means more storage space for your reports and better accessibility should your provider’s own cloud storage fail. You can enjoy this feature by simply navigating the settings of your app and linking your Dropbox account. Usually, a separate folder is made in your Dropbox folder with subfolders for the different dates and types of inspections. Property inspection apps can also upload different file versions of your report for better software compatibility in computers.

Other benefits of online storage

Storing your files online does not only ensure their safety in case of hardware malfunction; it also gives other authorized people the chance to view and print your reports even if they are far away. As you send reports to your main office, your manager can already process the documents for faster delivery to your clients. Furthermore, a property inspection app gives you a myriad of options to make valuable reports, such asthe feature to sign reports electronically and place your branding on the template.

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