SnapInspect’s Latest Productivity Boosting feature; Tasks

You asked, and we listened! SnapInspect is proud to reveal our latest productivity-boosting task feature!

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What is a SnapInspect task?

With SnapInspect you can Schedule a “task” to be sent automatically when certain conditions are triggered. For example, when a window is marked as “needs repairing” on a maintenance inspection, SnapInspect can now automatically send an email directly to your contractor alerting them to the issue, through creating a task.

The task feature was created to give users more control when they are carrying out inspections. Tasks are Snap Inspects version of “work orders.” They allow you to quickly schedule actions directly to a team member, yourself, a handyman or anyone else that is relevant to the situation.

Simply put; Say you find a broken window in your building when carrying out an inspection, Tasks can be set up so that you can either email your contractor, owner, or client with the relevant pictures, videos and detailed information about what the problem is, how you would like to fix it, how urgent it is and when you would want it done. Once you have recorded the task in-app, SnapInspect allows you to choose what to do with it once you return to the office. E.g., send to contractor immediately or wait for approval if you need sign off, etc.

Why do I need this?

This feature has been designed to maximize productivity for your property inspection practices. Tasks allow our users to carry out their inspection process entirely with SnapInspect through automating repetitive processes.

As always, SnapInspect will enable you to fully customize the email that gets sent when triggered by a task, including a company logo, picture, header and company theme colors, exactly how you can for your reports.

To set up Tasks go to company settings which is located on the menu tab on the left, once there scroll to the bottom box called “Asset & Task” this is where you can customize tasks to suit your individual and company needs.

This post was to briefly describe the new feature and introduce it to our users. For a more in-depth explanation click here to read about how you can set this up via our Web app.

For a simple step by step guide on how to use tasks via our mobile app click here.

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