The Duties of a Property Manager

bigstock-Inspector-with-a-house-made-of-28806449The job of property manager is a big one, and there are quite a number of things you have to be responsible for and keep track of over time. In light of this, you might find it helpful to sit down from time to time and think about the bigger picture. Based on everything you have to do, what broader themes or patterns can you see?

Sometimes thinking about what we have to do in terms of a few basic categories can be very useful. It can help us to see what we need to be doing, and where we might need to improve upon our performance. In this article, we will look at 3 basic duties of any property manager, each of which functions as a broader category that encompasses a number of related tasks.

Keep Track of Your Tenants

This one is pretty obvious. After all, as a property manager it is your responsibility to make sure that you have good tenants in all of your properties, and to take care of things when there is a problem.

But realistically, there’s a lot more to it, isn’t there? Filling your properties with good tenants is a lot of work, since you have to vet all of them before you can figure out who to approve. In addition, you need to keep track of who is paying rent, who is due for a routine inspection, and who needs something fixed.

This is why it’s so important to keep your schedule organized, particularly during inspections. Digital property management software offers a convenient way to organize your schedule, helping you to get more done in any given day.

Be Informed About Your Properties

You’ve probably given some thought to how complex a housing unit is. Even a simple apartment has several rooms, a number of appliances, and therefore a number of different maintenance concerns.

Moreover, out of all of the units you manage, you’ll have a number of different things to take care of on a somewhat predictable basis. Lawns needs to be mowed, hedges trimmed, plumbing looked at, bathrooms treated for mold, and the list goes on. There are a lot of different things you need to take care of, and they often need attention at different times.

In light of everything you have to keep track of, why leave anything to chance? Let digital property management software help you to keep track of what you need to during inspections, and be sure to use next inspection alerts if you want to remember to check on something next time.

Be There for Your Clients

Your clients are counting on you, and that’s a tremendous amount of responsibility in its own right. They rely on you to make sure that good, decent people live in their properties, that their investments are properly maintained and well-cared for, and that problems, when they do arise, are dealt with.

Given how important your relationships with your clients are, you need to make sure you are using only the best tools to take care of the properties they have entrusted you with. During inspections, make sure you use digital property management software for enhanced productivity.

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