Using a Property Inspection App to Attract Clients

Taking Pictures by CellphoneThere are plenty of reasons to switch from paper and pencil to a property inspection app: convenience, cost, efficiency, security and so on.  But switching to an app also has an additional benefit: it can help you to attract new clients, and encourage existing clients to recommend you to their friends and family.  One of the most important features of a property inspection app is its ability to put you easily and quickly in touch with former and current clients, and that ease can factor into your followup and marketing strategies so that you can more easily leverage the goodwill of happy clients into good-quality referrals.

Keep your contacts up to date

A good property inspection app allows you to integrate clients’ contact information directly into the app, so that you can easily send your reports and request information without having to juggle multiple computer programs or organization systems.  It’s easy to see how this is useful while you’re preparing for and carrying out a property inspection, but the ability to have your clients’ details and their reports available to you at the touch of a button enables you to be much more efficient in your follow-ups.

Follow up with clients regularly

Follow-up e-mails with your clients accomplish two things.  First, they demonstrate to your client that you care about your work and about making sure they are happy with the results.  Maintaining good client relationships even after a job is over is always a sound professional move.  Secondly, keeping some form of contact with past clients keeps you within their attention, making them much more likely to remember and recommend you if a friend or family member needs a property inspection.  You can set reminders within your app to send clients a quick e-mail wishing them well in their new property, making sure that your clients not only remember you, but remember you well.

Have samples of your work easily available

There will be times when an opportunity to recommend yourself for a job comes up unexpectedly, and being prepared for these times can make a huge difference in the impression you make on a potential client.  Rather than having to talk your way through your workflow and business practices on the spot, working with a property inspection app allows you to have samples of your work with you wherever you go.  If a potential client is curious about the process of an inspection or the contents of an inspection report, it becomes easy to answer their questions and demonstrate how you work.  It’s a good idea to have one or two sample reports so you can protect your clients’ privacy by not showing their reports; alternatively, you can ask permission from your clients to use real reports that are particularly good examples of certain types of property inspection report.  Being able to pitch and demonstrate your business at the drop of a hat makes you look prepared and professional, which can earn you major points with a potential new client.

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