What Are You Getting Out of Property Inspections?

shutterstock_135305600This article is all about you, the property manager. What are you getting out of property inspections, exactly? Since we tend to think of inspections as something we do as an important part of our jobs, it’s pretty common to think of them as being something we do for other people.

This is absolutely true, but it is also true that as with anything in a business, helping the people you are accountable to is also good for you. In today’s article, we’ll see how property inspections can help your business by saving you time, trouble, and possible legal entanglements.

Limit Your Liability: Save Yourself Potential Legal Trouble

One key thing you are unquestionably getting out of inspections is reduced legal risk. The better and more thorough your inspections, the more you can limit your liability and minimize the danger of legal action from a disgruntled tenant or even client.

The key insight here is that inspections are your best line of defense against charges that you were negligent. As you probably know, negligence is grounds for liability: if a tenant can show that you were negligent of your duty to keep track of the condition of the property, you can be held liable for damages.

With so much on the line, why leave anything to chance? It’s in your best interest to be as productive and thorough as possible when carrying out inspections. This is why it’s so important that you use the best tools for the job, particularly a digital property management app.

Save Yourself Trouble Down the Line: Catch Problems Now

Here’s another important thing you are unquestionably getting out of your inspections: the ability to find and fix problems of any kind before they get worse. Some things break and stay broken until they are fixed, but other things, like leaky roofs, sagging gutters, and weathered siding, need to be taken care of now before they become even more of a problem.

This is why it pays to be careful and pay attention to detail during inspections. You probably know how important it is to not cut corners. Anything you miss now because you didn’t look closely enough is likely to come back to bite you later.

With a good digital property management app, you can keep track of exactly what you need to, without having to worry about extraneous information. Inspections take less time, because digital property management apps actually format the reports for you. This way you can take your time carrying out the inspection without having to worry about saving enough time and brainpower to type up an entire report afterwards.

Grow Your Business by Building Your Reputation

How do you want your clients to think of you? It’s a question with an obvious answer: everyone wants their clients to think of them as dependable, helpful, and worth every penny. That said, sometimes it behooves us to ask ourselves this obvious question, so that we can examine our own behavior in light of the self-evident answer.

Your reputation is your stock in trade in this business, much like any business. Gain a reputation for carrying out thorough inspections and finding and fixing problems, and people will want to hire you.

This is where a good digital property management app can help you out. With digital property management, you’ll be more productive than ever by saving time on inspections. Gain a reputation for efficient use of the most up-to-date property management tools out there, and see what that does for your reputation and your business.


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