Property Inspections: Why Work Harder Than You Have To?

Data Storage Concept IllustrationLet’s start today’s article off with a question: do you like working harder than you have to? This is distinct from “giving it your best” and “giving it all you’ve got.” When you approach a task, do you like taking it upon yourself to work harder than you have to without any consequent improvement in terms of results?

The question is absurd, and we all know it. No one likes to work harder than they have to when they could just get the same result for less effort, because no one likes wasting effort. And yet, many property managers still manage their properties the old-fashioned way, with pen and clipboard and other tools, instead of using a convenient digital property management app that could handle the whole thing for them.

In today’s article, we’ll see how conventional property management makes absolutely no sense if you don’t want to waste effort working harder than you have to. You can be even better as a property manager by saving your time and effort with digital property management.

Benefit Number 1: Keep Track of Things More Efficiently

With digital property management, you can keep track of things that you need to keep track of during inspections with greater efficiency. You can rely on industry-approved checklists or your own, and instead of thumbing through pages on a large clipboard everything is in a simple-to-use format on your phone or other mobile device.

Plus, a digital property management app will organize your schedule for you, helping you to keep track of what you have coming up. You can even use it to set next inspection alerts, as a way of reminding yourself what to look for next time.

Benefit Number 2: Save Time Typing

Before digital property management, there was no getting out of typing up your inspection reports after you finished making your rounds. By way of analogy, before cars people used to use horse-drawn buggies, and they were a lot slower and less efficient.

Today, property managers can save time typing by avoiding it altogether. Don’t waste your precious time typing up reports when a digital property management app can simply auto-format them from the checklists you’ve filled out and any photos and videos you’ve uploaded, and then send them off to the client.

Benefit Number 3: You Can Actually Improve

The best part of all of this is that not only do you not have to sacrifice quality when switching to digital property management, you’re actually likely to improve quality. The main reason is all that time you save by not having to type your reports up. This allows you to get more inspections done in any given day. A secondary benefit of this is that you can put more energy into the actual inspection itself, knowing that you will not have to then sit down and spend hours typing the whole thing up.

With so much to gain, why wait? You can improve your business and avoid needless effort by switching to digital property management.

-Save Time Typing

-You Don’t Have to Compromise Quality


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