What to Do After a Property Inspection Complaint Has Been Filed

Property Inspection Apps Helping to Do Away With DocumentsProperty inspection management can be extremely rewarding, but it’s not a career choice for the fainthearted. Several issues can come up during or after a professional evaluation that can prove to be unavoidable. This typically adds to an unmatched flexibility and high degree of suspense; however, the excitement can go one of two ways. In favored cases, you’re likely to interact with a generous client or evaluate a home with minimal flaws. It’s the instances when you’re confronted with challenges, such as a complaint issued by a customer, that you’ll need to rely on your own discernment and willpower to overcome.

Try To Resolve the Matter on Your Own

Dealing with a customer’s complaint helps you exercise conflict resolution skills. It’s best to attempt to handle the problem between you and your client in a one-on-one civil conversation. Try to get to the root of the problem. Why does the customer feel offended? Is there an available solution to the issue? How is it possible to ensure that this never happens again? All these questions are good to keep in mind as you and your customer work to find common ground.

Don’t Argue

Also, utilizing your soft skills can help your case if you know what you’re doing. Remember, you don’t always have to have the last word, even if you feel the client is at fault. Be civil and try to reason with them. Giving them the benefit of the doubt might just turn things around in your favor. On the other hand, getting hostile almost always makes the situation worse.

Put Everything in Writing

As the saying goes, some things are better left unsaid. However, if they have to get said, it’s best to follow up by putting the statements in writing. Verbal attacks can’t be proven or made valid if any legal action is pursued which puts you in the place of having the burden of proof. Be sure to write or type follow-up correspondence after each discussion to protect you in the long run.

Do Your Research

Chances are that you’re an excellent professional in the property inspection industry. That doesn’t mean you’re above making errors, though. If a customer is adamant about feeling wronged because of a mishap on a previous report, it’s best to thoroughly review their files to see what transpired before defending yourself. Let the client know that you’ll get back to them once you’ve had a chance to revisit the situation. This also lets the client know that you’re trying to be fair, and they might be more willing to compromise.

Don’t Take It Personal

One of the hardest things to do is accept that a client’s anger isn’t something to take personal. However, their hostility is not typically targeted at you as a person; it’s business-related, meaning it could just have easily been someone else that they’re complaining about. You just happen to be the go-to person for their frustration. It’s unfair, but definitely not uncommon. That said, leave the issue at the office door before leaving that evening and don’t take it home with you. If you regarded every complaint as a personal attack, there’s a high chance you wouldn’t last very long in this industry. Simply let it go and enjoy life without having it hover over your head.

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