Why Digital Property Inspection Makes You Save Time

Camera Technology to Assist Your Property Inspection AppFor many property management companies, time is an obvious adversary. No matter how efficient your inspectors are, if you still employ the traditional clipboard-and-camera inspection process, it would be probable that you constantly run out of time. This is where the role of property inspection software comes in. The initiative to go digital was not done for the sole purpose of making reports more reliable and accurate; it was also tailored for property managers who are tired of the long, arduous practice of manually writing reports.

Here are some of the reasons why digital property inspection makes you save precious time.

You can plan your inspections daily

A reliable property management app allows you to oversee all set inspections for the day. It helps you control your schedule by allowing you to set appointments, delegate inspections, and let team members provide their own input. This makes organizing easier as you can practically see progress as it happens through the app’s control center. There may also be an integrated calendar that all team members can view to anticipate all future inspections.

You can retrieve reports easier

As a long-standing manager in your company, you may have handled hundreds to thousands of reports. By using a property inspection app, you can retrieve reports faster by simply searching for a PDF file, given an identifiable attribute, in your phone or tablet. Imagine how many minutes you will be able to save when you no longer have to go over your desk, cabinets, or whatnot to look for old written reports. Furthermore, your PDF documents can be placed in cloud storage in order for authorized persons to simultaneously open and print reports.

You can allow more staffers to become inspectors

With a user-friendly property inspection app, you can train more staffers in your company to accept inspection tasks. Since it is easy for you to train them with an app that can be accessed through their own phones, they may be able to help you handle more inspections every week. It is advisable to train a group of staffers together as they will have better chances at brainstorming and taking note of the crucial aspects of the app. However, some people learn better alone so you will have to gauge the learning capacity of your staff, especially the older ones who may be technologically challenged.

You can complete the report in no time at all

With the use of a property inspection app, you can easily tick boxes in your checklist, modify the template, and use your phone’s built-in camera to document property conditions. The template itself organizes the data you will put in for you to come up with a solid and visually pleasing report. Good property inspection software also allows you to include your branding such that your reports are clearly associated to your company. You are also authorized to sign the report digitally with your name. Those are only some of the few reasons why using trustworthy software can help you save time.

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