5 Questions to Ask When Buying Property Inspection Software

home-inspector-2Looking for a reliable property inspection app can become a tedious process if you do not know how to conduct your research. Even if you have a number of options in the App Store or in Google Play, you must be critical enough to invest in a product that gives real value to your money. While there are many providers that would claim to have made the best product, the truth is that only a few would stand out as excellent choices in the industry.

As a property manager, you need to be smart enough in differentiating unsubstantiated sales talk from results-based claims. If you come across advertising that would appeal to your emotions, when this is actually a marketing strategy, challenge your intellect first before making that crucial decision. Here are five questions that you should be asking if you were to buy a helpful app or software that can be utilized by inspectors in your company.

Can reports be accessed through the internet?

A good property inspection app will allow you to have access to finished reports over the internet. This is one property of digital reports that helps you save time and money. As compared to the traditional property inspection process where inspectors manually send reports to their managers or office, the digitized process will allow reports to be stored in a cloud through the internet. This will allow managers to access reports in a timely manner and retrieve old files with ease.

Can the app be used in more than one device?

It would be very costly to pay for an app that can only be used in one device. There are actually providers that would allow you to install software in multiple devices for the same price per month. This is not only a cost-efficient approach for your property management office; it also allows you to have as many inspectors as you want to take on the job.

Can I modify the templates?

Owning an app with a unified template for all property inspections is impractical. The mere fact that there are different types of properties, such as houses, apartments, and condominiums, should make you think of purchasing an app that allows you to modify the template according to your situation and needs.

Can the app be used in both mobile phones and tablets?

Some apps seem to be suitable for use only in iPads or tablets. This goes against the idea of mobility as inspectors may not be carrying their tablets every time as compared to their mobile phones. You should therefore look for an app with an interface that adapts to your mobile device and functions seamlessly despite the screen size of your gadget.

Can I get sufficient customer support?

Lastly, make sure to invest in a product whose makers supply ample customer support. Using a new kind of technology entails training and there may be concerns about the product that you may not be able to answer alone. By trusting a provider with integrity, you get to save hours of your time from exploring the downsides of a substandard product.

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