3 Property Inspection Software Myths Exposed

property inspection software

A lot of property managers carry out their property inspections using outdated time-consuming methods such as pen and paper or bulky digital cameras. More than ever before innovative companies are choosing to switch from manual to digital, A single swap that changes your company’s operations for the better. With the driven support, a property inspection software gives your company your staff will find it easy to create comprehensive property inspection reports on the go, the good news is that these can be accessed anytime thanks to the cloud.

Thinking about making the bold move? This post will aim to debunk any property inspection myths that you may have to help you make the decision.

It’s too hard to use

Property inspection software takes the hassle and stress out of conducting inspections. Property inspection software is designed to make you more efficient and tie all your processes into one easy to use app.

In the same way that you would use a camera for your pen and paper inspections, Digital inspections allow you to take pictures and videos in-app, meaning once you go to upload the report into a document file they will already be neatly displayed. This saves endless headaches uploading and transferring data. With digital inspections that whole process gets eliminated.

Remember, the purpose of digital property inspection is to ensure the inspection process is a walk in the park from the very beginning. The software is designed with a diverse number of users in mind, which makes the product easy to use. When using property inspection software, information is easy to put in. Videos and photos can be inserted easily as attachments in-app. This means no more tedious file converters, YouTube videos or pixelated images. Once the files are attached the software generates reports on the spot for maximum efficiency.

It’s cheaper to use pen and paper

A common misconception about property inspection software is that its instantly a write off due to the price. This assumption is usually made with little to no research. The industry standard for property inspection software is month-to-month subscription rates. We covered this on our blog in a previous post. Click here to find out why Netflix isn’t the only place offering short-term contracts.

With pen and paper, your company can expect to waste hours on inspections. From compiling information into a draft report, all the way to creating a final copy on the computer and exporting it; the entire process is a headache. Using hardcopies is always more tedious, expensive and quite frankly a big step backwards. Property inspection software acts as a personal assistant simplifying all the processes for you, this guarantee’s efficiency and professionalism at the highest level.

Using data to make improvements

Having so much information directly accessible to you can make all the difference when making the next step in business. With digital inspection software, your staff can extract data to examine potential areas where the company is falling short of processes. From using the data feedback, you can set new goals, intentions and craft future projects with confidence.

Data alone won’t provide your business with all the tools needed to succeed.
However, a growing number of property managers are convinced that making data-driven decisions can change an entire business for the better. From gaining a more in-depth understanding of what works with your inspections all the way to the administrative process and where money is being wasted, Data is being used to run businesses across the industry.

Bonus Tip: Inspire lower level workers like office managers etc. to upskill themselves. Property Inspection Software like SnapInspect is designed so that anyone can use it with minimal training. Features like real-time progress and monitoring allow you to keep track of who’s out in the field and where. Who knows, your receptionist might have a knack for those difficult inspections!

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