How To Make Quality Property Managers Want To Work For You

quality property managers

Creating the perfect job description to attract quality property managers is no easy feat. The hiring process takes time and quickly becomes tedious. Hiring the right candidate is a challenging process. Hire the wrong one, and it could be costly to your business and put you back to square one.

The hiring process begins with the job advertisement and description. Its simple; a poor description translates directly into poor applicants. Outline what you are looking for in an employee and what your expectations of the prospective applicants are. A strong job description ensures you get quality property managers applying and won’t have to waste time sifting through below-par applications.

Below are a few tips on how to write a property management job description that attracts the perfect fit for your company

Decide what your “Must haves” are for quality property managers

To begin, decide what qualifications, characteristics and skills you feel the candidate must have. Consider this the foundation for a strong job description that attracts quality property managers. If you haven’t listed it don’t expect people applying to have it. For example, it may be a requirement to be skilled in using property inspection software independently. Remember, this is your chance to be picky and cautious. Take time to ensure your “Must haves” list reflects clearly on the role you are advertising for.

Remember to make sure your description does not exaggerate the importance of the role, implying things that do not occur, and is free of gender or age implications. Failing to do this can result in weak applicants, media backlash and most importantly can tarnish your business name.

Not sure where to begin? Start with:

-Job Title
-Job Responsibilities
-Required Skill

Lifestyle Balance.

In today’s industry, work-life balance is often just as important as salary when considering a new role. You’ll want to include a segment that describes what a typical day would look like at your company and the culture and benefits of choosing your business as their next employers. Since pictures tell 1000 words, we suggest adding staff photos to communicate the environment that they will be entering.

Remember, the key element of a job description is to leave no stone unturned. The more transparent you are with your description, the more the applicants will trust and respect you. What can they expect when they work for you? Do you all get together on Wednesdays for netball? Fridays for a beer? Let applicants know in the description! This is your chance to really sell the culture side of your company. The best job descriptions highlight specific requirements but also cover the fun aspects of the job and the culture.

Stand Out from The Crowd.

We’ve all been there. Trawling through countless job-board pages, desperately trying to find something that matches your experience and skillset. Jobs begin to all look the same and you quickly become a professional at filtering out the good from the terrible.  If you are trying to attract your dream applicant, how can you expect to lure them with a generic job description? Often there are multiple job descriptions that are only distinguishable by a few words, which is neither enticing or professional.

Don’t be lazy, this is your time to get creative and find quality property managers. Any company can say “we’re an innovative, unique fast-paced company” but very few succeed in proving why. Unless you can back up your statement with facts refrain from saying it. On the other hand, if your company can back up its claims, voice it! The more proof the better. This part of the job description is crucial. You want to be in your own league when it comes to others comparing you, with the rest of the job market.

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