Supercharge Your Property Management Website with these 5 Tips!

Property Management Website

In today’s online world, presence is everything. it’s vital to have a strong property management website to compliment your business and gain new leads. Potential clients gain their first impression of you through your site Alongside checking your site out, they are also viewing every competitor’s website and comparing them against yours. Your website is an essential element of business that, when implemented correctly can become your 24/7 salesperson.

When your property management website becomes the first-place prospective clients learn about you and your services, it’s imperative to make a memorable and positive impression.

Continue reading to discover the top 5 ways you can supercharge your property management website!

Make your website user-friendly.

Clients won’t waste time on your property management website trying to figure out the layout if they can’t immediately find what they need. This alone is why it’s so crucial to have a simple site that is easy to navigate. Leave no room for questions about what content and information is on each page, make sure it’s obvious.

Don’t forget mobile users! Since our world is increasingly mobile orientated it has become imperative that web pages adapt to mobile users, in the past, you may have visited a site and noticed something felt different or off. Perhaps the pages didn’t load, the website was in HTML text, and things were just not laid out as they were on the web page. What this means is that they have not set up their websites to be compatible with mobiles.

We recommend that you use a mobile responsive design. This is when your site is displayed on a mobile device, and it automatically adjusts its sizing, layout, and proportions to display them aesthetically on the device. This is usually considered the most effective design as you only have to configure and design one website, as opposed to two.


When it comes to websites, it’s far better to show not tell. The images on your site speak volumes. Making your webpage aesthetically pleasing is a great way to attract visitors and guide them to take the next step towards becoming a client. Don’t make reading the only option.

It’s cliché, but pictures really do speak a thousand words. Entice your visitors to explore your website through expertly shot photographs, available properties, before and after comparisons or stunning homes you’ve managed in the past, if it looks good, put it up! It’s a lot more welcoming that reading a big pile of text.

Flood your website with content

Creating fantastic content is only half of the battle; the other half is adjusting what you’re writing about to match what your target audience is searching for on Google. This is the key to improving your websites SEO efforts. Previously we wrote a beginners guide to SEO on our blog that helps get newbies with little SEO knowledge up to speed.

By hosting content that contains keywords that future leads are searching for like “New York Property manager” you’ll be better positioned to attract them to your website and your business. When creating content always have an audience in mind. Most, if not all pieces should be aimed at your target audience to ensure you can appeal to the most relevant potential clients.

Include ways to capture leads on your real estate website

Once you’ve got website traffic that’s checking you and your content out, it’s a perfect time to turn your visitors into leads. There are a few methods that are commonly used, One you will see used regularly is guarding your content with a lead capture form.

In exchange for giving you their name, company and email address they get guides, how-tos and various other pieces of content that you have created. Holding competitions or giveaways is another sure-fire way to capture leads.

Use reviews!

Zillow recalls that in their 2017 consumer housing and trends report half of ALL sellers consider online reviews to be a crucial factor when choosing an agent. The same report found that online tools are the top way renters are searching for their home (83%).

Getting the most out of reviews is an essential part of your business as social proof is priceless. SnapInspect suggests placing reviews loud and proud on the front page of your website. Having that social proof on your property management website backing up your work can make the difference between a lead and a new client.

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