A Property Inspection App That Integrates With Dropbox – SnapInspect

If you use Dropbox we have some good news for you…

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SnapInspect now integrates seamlessly with Dropbox.

We’ve been working on this integration for a while and now it’s finally here

Before I tell you how it works, here’s what one of our Beta testers said:

“Think of it as a folder on your computers Desktop that automatically updates whenever you do an inspection.

It’s hyper organized… By property address, date, time and even inspection type

It syncs an Editable MS Word report, a PDF report and a folder containing ALL of the photos from the inspection

It all happens automatically… It’s EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for”.

Here’s how it works:

Integrate your SnapInspect account to your Dropbox account with a click.

Now when you sync your reports will be created and stored online in your SnapInspect “property cloud” as per usual.


A new folder will be created inside your DropBox folder labelled with the property name.

Inside that folder there will be another folder with the Date and inspection type.

For example: “10/08/12 – Ingoing Inspection”

Inside that folder you will find a PDF Report, a Microsoft Word Report and
all of the photos from the inspection in JPEG format.

All of this happens automatically without you doing anything….

I hope you LOVE the new integration!

To Your Success!

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