Annotate Photos With SnapInspect

Here at SnapInspect, we pride ourselves on having the most features out of any property inspection app on the market.

Not only do we have the most features, but we also make sure that our features boost productivity, elevate your inspection process and overall improve your daily business operations more so than any of our competitors.

Introducing SnapInspect annotations, an aesthetically pleasing way you can annotate photos you have taken in-app to further provide information for the relevant parties involved in the inspection.

We find this feature has been incredibly useful for property managers that deal with large maintenance requests, student housing managers and multi-family inspectors.

The most significant part of photo annotation is that you can use it in harmony with a variety of different tasks. Use this feature when you’re conducting your due diligence on your next purposed purchase, you next residential move-out inspection or for the next student housing turn period.

Below is a quick walkthrough video were we annotated a photo of a damaged wall. Make a note of the various ways you can customize your annotations and comments to suit your business, with changeable line thickness, shapes, text boxes, and color.


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