Why You Need to use a Property Inspection App to Conduct Your Inspections

property inspection app

In the last three years, there has been an overwhelming number of property managers swapping pen and paper for property inspection apps.

The increase in technology adaption means that the average home inspection time has gone from taking three hours to a mere 30 minutes.

This statistic alone is driving more property professionals than ever before to check out what a property inspection app can do for their business.

Even though there are thousands of property managers and professionals alike trading in old software and pen and paper for property inspection apps, there are still hundreds of thousands of managers that resent the change or are not aware of the new technology and its benefits.

Below are five reasons why you should transition from a traditional inspection process to using a property inspection app.

Eliminate Paper

In 2019 there is no excuse for you to be rummaging through stacks of paper to find an old inspection. A property inspection app will allow you to store all of your companies information on their “cloud” which means you can access any information you have on the go or from the comfort of your office.

By using cloud technology, property inspection apps allow your entire team to become more productive during daily operations by having all their information and data at their fingertips regardless if they are on the go or in the office. The technology also allows you to save money because you do not have high-level staff performing office admin or sifting through stacks of paper looking for a single report.

Streamline The Inspection Process

As mentioned above, the average home inspection time is three hours. When you chose to use a property inspection app, you cut this time down to a quick 30 minutes. The reason inspection time is drastically cut is the software’s ability to generate the report instantly after you finish walking the property.

Photos, comments, signatures and other information gets automatically sorted into a professional looking report at the push of a button. Going back to the office and trying to format photos comments, logos and other bits of data is a thing of the past.

When you are using a property inspection app, merely walk the property, take photos in-app with your phone, make comments directly into the report and then click complete.

Designed To Be Simple

A robust property inspection app, like Snapinspect, is designed to be intuitive and straightforward to use. The software does not require technical expertise, and anyone is capable of using it. Things make sense, features relate to on the job tasks, and reports are perfect every time, which reduces the number of complaints and disputes.

Regarded as the “new generation of software” property inspection apps allow your team to implement and adapt quickly to changing processes. Your team can collaborate and communicate swiftly in-app by sharing relevant information which appears in real time.

Given that most inspectors are on the go for a majority of the day, it makes sense that they use their device to enhance their daily inspection operations. Using a mobile inspection app offers your team further working flexibility to perform tasks better.

Leave your Competition behind

By deciding to use a property inspection app and take your inspections digital, you gain the edge on your competition.

Since your information is all stored on the cloud, you can bring up reports or inspections at a moments notice to help with disputes, educate your clients or remind staff of upcoming inspections.

Your day to day business operations will be fast, professional and efficient which will accelerate tenant referrals.

Protect Your Business

Property inspection software protects you from liabilities. A digital inspection which is full of annotated photos, videos, and in-depth comments significantly reduces the chances you will be held accountable for property neglect.

Thorough inspections allow you to settle disputes with property owners and tenants quickly, bring up the last inspection and compare it against the lastest; any argument will promptly become resolved before it becomes a significant issue.

Displaying the ability to handle disputes will allow your tenants and property owners to have more trust in you and build your relationship. They will feel empowered knowing that they have an efficient property manager handling their property.

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