Should I Automate My Due Diligence Inspections?

Due Diligence Inspections

In the multi-family industry, Time is one of the most valuable resources. How long are you spending on recording, inspecting, evaluating and analyzing your due diligence checks?

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way? If you could engage with technology to automate your due diligence inspections?

Keep reading below to find out the benefits of automating your due diligence inspections through technology.

Boost productivity, Save Time.

Time is of the essence. Call any property manager or landlord and ask them for two hours of their time to conduct a due diligence inspection. “Of course I can” they will initially say, “I can complete that for you… next month when I’m free”.

If you are conducting the due diligence inspection on the basis of buying the property if all goes well, waiting a month for the inspection isn’t practical. In the time spent waiting for your inspector to be free, a new buyer could complete all their checks and inspections, and decide to buy the property, leaving you scratching your head wondering how the hell they were that fast. It’s quickly becoming apparent just how inefficient & un-productive most companies due diligence checks have become.

Due Diligence Inspections are slow, information dense and time-consuming. How does SnapInspect solve this?

Due diligence checks are traditionally completed manually. Most companies will send out excel files containing their due diligence checklist. Property managers must then print this inspection off, use pen, paper, and a camera to conduct their inspections (Usually taking multiple hours) and then go back to their office, import all their photos, data, and information and attempt to format the information into a report that looks presentable, and then email that report back to their client- an inefficient, painful process to say the least.

The amount of data transferring, email exchanges and overall steps involved in this current method are finally avoidable, eliminating pain for both the sender and recipient. Automating the process also removes the chance for false or incorrect data input, which can profoundly impact the scoring results, thus making your report invalid and useless.

SnapInspect enables users to digitalize the entire due diligence inspection process. This means cutting out multiple email exchanges, automating scoring, and offering auto email options.

Ditching pen and paper and going digital means that you can manage your entire inspection process with our web and mobile apps which allow for instant data collection and recording of building/unit conditions along with cost analysis enabling you to view real-time reports.

We also offer “Smart Workflow” a SnapInspect only feature, which allows for the highest level of report automation.

Due Diligence Inspections

Smart Workflow

Smart workflow is a feature which is exclusive to SnapInspect. Automate your post inspection tasks by setting up customizable triggers to further streamline your inspection process and boost productivity.

Smarter Emails

Automate customizable emails to the owner to portray property conditions, to the tenant highlighting actionable issues, to the contractors for work order creation & follow up.

Smarter Scheduling

Automatically schedule your next inspection based the inspection condition or from the custom trigger you’ve set up.

Maintenance Follow Up

Submit Maintenance Issues with information on Action Required, Priority and Photos + Videos to highlight the issue. Furthermore, integrate with your work order system.


Grade your inspections by assigning criteria that dictate the end condition of the property. Create your own formula to score inspections. Add a costing field to your checklist and let SnapInspect will do the maths for you.

“You’re Kidding; You mean to say that we have been spending more than four hours per inspection manually entering data and photos when all of that could have been automated?!”

Property Inspection software such as SnapInspect adds a colossal amount of value by automating the due diligence inspection process. Greater control, improved efficiency, and enabled accountability are just a few of the reasons property inspectors and landlords are swapping out from pen and paper, due diligence inspections, to using property inspection software.

Once you start using the software to combat your inspection worries, you’ll cringe every time you remember that you used to manually input data into every. Single. Report.

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