Digital Property Inspection Methods Improve Your Customer Service Skills

The Old vs. the New

Home InspectionIn the old days (and when I say old days, I mean as recently as a few years ago, and sometimes right now), property inspectors showed up with a veritable arsenal of tools at their disposal: their trusty 35mm camera with appropriate lenses and flashes, rulers, squares, flashlights, and of course, a mountain of paperwork. Home inspections were an arduous and meticulous task of measuring, grimacing, note taking, and finally, recording every flaw in fastidious detail on the appropriate page of the report. This method understandably left (and still leaves) owners exasperated and at their wits’ end by the time the inspection is finished. Many of the questions they may have had along the way that their inspector could have helped with have long since fled their brains to make ways for dreams of a time when this property inspection will be over.

Today, digital property inspections make the inspection process a breeze. An armload of supplies is reduced to the size of a single mobile device. Notes are taken with a click of a button, and photos are automatically linked to the correct area of a report. Clearly, digital property inspections make every property inspector’s life easier, but it will also enable you to better serve your clients’ needs by freeing up inspection time to address concerns, assuage worries, and answer questions.

The Most Common Questions Asked at a Property Inspection

At a property inspection, clients always have questions about how to fix what’s wrong, and the property inspector hasn’t always had time to address those questions completely – until now. Digital property inspection software will allow you to take your customer service skills to a new level, and we want you to be prepared to answer the questions you’ll get. Here are a few examples.

1. How bad is it really? Excellent property inspectors know how to balance issues and report problems as they see them. Sometimes that “just the facts” mentality can cause clients a little distress or make it difficult for them to understand which items are a big deal and which are the easy fixes. Taking your property inspections digital will enable you to level with your clients and help them prioritize repairs.

2. How do I fix that? This is a question you may get often as a home inspector, and while we can’t do repair bids or recommend specific contractors, the fact is that quite often the repair is something the client can do him- or herself. Digital property inspections afford you the flexibility to tell your client exactly what part to buy and how to install it.

3. How does this thing work? Sometimes, a client sees you as not only the property inspection expert, but also an expert on appliances and electrical systems in general. Some clients will ask you to show them how to operate a piece of equipment that may not even be part of the inspection. Your new-found freedom with digital inspection apps will allow you to field even unrelated questions, showing your client that you’re truly an expert, and solidifying the customer service relationship with that client.

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