Taking Property Inspection Mobile: 5 Reasons to Get out of the Paperwork Business

Male hands using a smartphoneProperty inspection is a process. Until relatively recently, that process included papers, pens, binders, checklists, forms, reports, cameras, more pens, more paperwork, and more checklists. We’re, frankly, baffled that property inspectors are able to keep up with all they need to do – they’re so busy juggling papers. If you’re still in the paperwork business, consider the benefits that bringing your property inspection to the small screen could bring you. Property inspection software for your mobile device is available that can streamline your current inspection methods and add incredible efficiency to your workday. We know we don’t have to tell you that better productivity means more time, and more time means more clients. Let’s look at some ways that moving your property inspection routines to your mobile device can change the way you do business.

  • You’re Already Carrying All You Need. Forget about all of those binders, clipboards, pens, and paper. With property inspection software available for iOS, Android, and even Web, you’ve already got the only tool you’ll need to perform a great inspection: your cell phone. Use it to take notes, mark conditions, take photos, and more – our property inspection software will keep up with all of the results for you.
  • Mobile Inspection Checklists. This is the hallmark of our property inspection software. Nearly everyone carries a smartphone with them every day, and now you can put that tool to great use and lose the clipboard once and for all. Our mobile inspection checklists will enable you to complete inspections with unbelievable efficiency, not to mention affording you the convenience of being able to put your paperwork in your back pocket long enough to peer into a tight spot.
  • Beautiful Reports. Once the inspection is done, our property inspection software will continue to add productivity to your workday as it takes your mobile checklists and compiles them into a sleek and comprehensive report that details every step of the inspection process, result by result. These reports are effortless to compile, clear and concise to view, and are a mere sweep of your finger away when you need them.
  • Effortless Scheduling. We know as well as you that half of the work of property inspection is sometimes scheduling a time for the inspection to take place. Our property inspection software makes scheduling a breeze with an easy-to-use interface. It really does follow the entire process of inspection from start to finish, allowing you to focus on doing an accurate inspection – not on keeping up with all of that paperwork.
  • Happy Customers. Don’t take our word for it; just ask some of the other folks who have tried switching to SnapInspect property inspection software. We think our results speak for themselves: 98% of people who switch to SnapInspect stay with SnapInspect. Let us show you how you can increase productivity and wow your clients with SnapInspect property inspection software today. There’s no risk to give us a try. Contact us today to begin your 14-day free trial of SnapInspect property management software.
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