Gone are the days of paper. Welcome to the paperless era.

Many of us have used desktop scanners or are still using them. Each office has acquired those big machines that have cost a business a fortune to maintain and run.

If you are anything like myself and have experienced frustration around these scanners, where we all have lost valuable time and effort just for a “simple” task like copying and scanning. Did I mention the amounts of time you need to put in making sure that you have a “bullet proof filing system” that would ensure all documents being where they should be, as well as re-arranging these or sending them out when required for those long inspection reports.

I never thought the day would come when your inspection software would become the ultimate “MacGyver” inspection tool. The days of scanning documents slowly, feeding paper by paper into desktop scanners are finally gone! With the advent of powerful smartphones/tablets, you can now quickly scan documents with your device’s camera.

SnapInspect 3, has taken the slow, old fashioned, time consumer and frustration away from using desktop scanners by creating its very own scanner within the application. Yes, that is right an ultimate tool that allows you to scan documents, contracts, agreements and maybe floor plans to attach to that inspection report.

Not only will you be able to scan any document with your smart device but you can also write and draw on these documents once scanned. This ensures you will always be on top of all your scanned documents with as much information to highlight important details.

“The filing system” here is that you can attach all scanned documents directly to the inspection report allowing you to send each inspection with all the required agreements, policies, and contracts. This allows you to send the documents in formal PDF format. Doing so while avoiding all that mess compiled on your desk, documents that would seem like hours of work just trying to locate that one inspection report and document paper you needed.

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