What to Avoid When Purchasing Property Inspection Software

So, you’ve purchased what you thought was some great property inspection software, only to discover that the bargain you thought you bagged actually had some nasty hidden costs.

There are many options to consider when investing in property inspection software and it is, therefore, essential to do your homework so that you do not lose precious time and money in the long run.

Do not feel overwhelmed when shopping for your property inspection software. Here are the five pitfalls to avoid when purchasing property inspection software:

Hidden costs

Many apps offer an attractive fee but fail to mention that the price only includes the subscription of one device. This is obviously insufficient for most property inspection companies, and this is where the added costs will come in. Ensure that you are clear beforehand that the fee includes the monthly subscription and access for unlimited devices (phones, tablets, and computers) to the software). The fee should also include access to an unlimited number of reports and invoices.

Incompatibility with tablets and phones

The primary purpose of having property inspection software is for its convenience. When choosing the right brand, check first to see if it works on both iOS and Android devices. Otherwise, you might find yourself needing to buy a new phone or tablet just to remain compatible with the software.

No access to the cloud.

The ability to save your reports, invoices and photos to a central place are essential to any property inspection software. Any staff member should be able to access information from any device or location, and your software should enable them to do so.

No video function

Property inspections are all about the detail. One of the best features now available in property inspection apps is the ability to capture videos and integrate them within the report. Only choose apps that can shoot videos and you’ll never miss the details.

No help features

While property inspection software is made for convenience, it is always nice to know that the company is there to lend a hand if you need one. Choose brands that offer a support line for any questions, and a how-to guide to help you get started.

Property inspection software is an important investment in your business and so avoiding these common pitfalls will help you get ahead in your property inspections.

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