5 Tips For A Healthy Landlord-Tenant Relationship

landlord-tenant relationship

Communication, respect and loyalty are the foundations for a positive & healthy landlord-tenant relationship, but how can you take your business relationship to the next level to strengthen the bond? There are countless ways on how to go about this, most of which come down to making an effort and going above and beyond what is expected of you.

1. Communicate quickly

Nothing says you care and respect your tenants like fast and effective communication. By actively and promptly responding to your tenant’s requests and questions it sets the clear message that you value them and will provide them with a professional level of service when they are living in your property. It also communicates that you are a trustworthy and responsive landlord who makes improvements easy and cares about the living standard of the property

landlord-tenant relationship

2. Be calm

Given the nature of being a landlord, it’s common for you not to see eye to eye with your tenants. Engaging in emotional or heated discussion with a tenant will only hinder your relationship progress and add to problems. Like mentioned in our previous blog post “3 qualities every landlord needs” it is human nature to return fire with fire. When someone makes unreasonable demands, ignores the facts and seem uninterested in our interests, we become offended and annoyed and tend to mirror them retaliating in their style. As a result, this cripples your landlord-tenant relationship, tensions rise, and progress goes backwards. Remember to put yourself in their shoes- it’s crucial to understand both sides of the argument to gain a better understanding of the issue at hand, and how it is best solved. This will ensure your landlord-tenant relationship grows strong.

landlord-tenant relationship

3. Be Safety aware

Displaying to your tenants that you hold their safety in high regards will go a long way and indicate that you care not only about the property but also its tenants. By increasing security, you not only give your tenants peace of mind, but you also help to protect your property against theft and damage. It’s a win-win situation.

landlord-tenant relationship

4. Be punctual

Being punctual is an easy way to get on your tenant’s good side. Punctuality is something everyone appreciates. Turn up to meetings with your tenants on time. Displaying punctuality is a healthy sign of professionalism and shows that you value others time just as much as your own. If you can, be lenient and make an effort to work around your tenant’s schedule. It shows that you are reasonable, balanced and considerate of your tenants, not to mention they will love you for it!

landlord-tenant relationship

5. Listen

Your tenants, like most, want to know that their voices are being listened to. The key to a healthy relationship is communication. Listening is a significant part of that. Take your tenants issues seriously and work with hard to fix them. Often landlords dismiss problems because they don’t consider it to be important enough. If they’ve taken the time to voice their concern with you, its obviously something that is bothering them and if not handled with correctly could spiral into something worse. Lastly, include your tenants in your future. Whether it’s lease related or you want to add renovations, your tenants will appreciate you coming to them for input and that you were thinking of them during the decision-making process.


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