New Exciting Updates For iPhone, iPad & Android Apps

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We’ve got some new and exciting updates in the Apple and Android stores.

Here’s whats new:

• 1-tap to mark all items in a room as “Yes”. This means you only have to tap once and then go through and tap once more to mark the items that are “No”. This will save you time and is less frustrating. Thank you John for suggesting this feature.

• Performance enhancements. We’ve been working hard to make our apps run super-fast. SnapInspect will now run faster than before on all devices and most importantly – Sync faster.

• We’ve been able to get a full day’s worth of inspection data synced (over 6 properties and 60 photos) synced over the 3G network in 2 minutes. And on WiFi – less than 30 seconds. That’s crazy fast…

• Plus loads of bug fixes and other enhancements to make SnapInspect run smoother and faster.

To download the latest app’s please follow the below instructions:

1). Login to your current mobile app and Sync. Make sure all data is synced successfully.

2). Delete/Uninstall the current version of your app.

3). Download the latest version of SnapInspect from the Apple or Android Store.

4). Login using your account details and “Sync” again to re-load all of your data.

And walla! Done. You’re now up and running with the latest, state-of-the-art SnapInspect App!

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback on the new app and features. We’ve already had over 20 emails thanking us for the “Mark all features as Yes” feature!

Happy Inspecting!

-Sam Ovens

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