Avoid the Property Manager Burnout With SnapInspect

property manager burnout

There’s no doubt that property managers have one of the toughest and most diverse roles in the working world. Between balancing owners wishes and keeping tenants property management can very quickly burn you out.

“Burning out” is the biggest reason why property managers leave the industry for good, they have simply had enough and want to leave the profession entirely.

To combat you or your staff from burning out, we have conducted a list of methods you can use to retain employees, build a positive environment and ultimately strengthen your business.

property manager burnout

Invest in Technology

Taking advantage of the broad spectrum of technology available to you is one of the most effective solutions in combating burnout. Technology aimed at property managers is designed to deal with companies most common pain points. From conducting digital inspections from a smartphone to installing automated chatbots onto your website, technology is a game changer.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots that use artificial intelligence are transforming the way property managers conduct business in 2018. A chatbot is a form of software which can communicate with a human user. Chatbots can be set up to help users with tasks, schedule bookings and even handle low-level customer support.

Chatbots are particularly useful for property management teams that deal with a large amount of customer support and requests from their website. They can also help with:

Productivity– chat bots allow you to automate a variety of different processes.

X-factor – Chatbots give you the chance to incorporate humored entertainment into your website. Give funny tips, tell jokes or send lightly humored gifs. Working entertainment into your website is hugely beneficial, users that are bored wanting to kill time to interact with your website even more.

Curious traffic– Chat bots using AI are relatively new. People are not accustomed to them yet and want to interact with them to figure it all out. Cater to your user’s curiosity by using chatbots.

Guide– Help prospects navigate your website with ques and tips.

Property Inspection Software

Property inspection software is designed to turn your entire inspection process digital. Inspection software is a versatile solution that assists property managers with their inspection process. Businesses of all sizes can utilize the software as it’s industry standard to cater to all sized organizations.

Inspection software allows you to combat the property manager burnout by integrating technology into your business’s daily operations.

Once a company integrates property inspection software directly into your staff’s daily inspecting routine, the chance of experiencing property manager burnout decreases drastically.

Previously, the inspection process used to consist of:

-Configuring an inspection checklist template
-Printing the template to paper
-Inspecting with pen and paper, making notes and taking photos on your phone as you go
-Finishing the inspection at the house and then going back to the office to convert it into a professional format

Property inspection software aims to take the headaches out of inspecting. When you use property inspection software you:

-Sync your device to load your customized checklists for inspecting
-Perform the inspection
-Capture photos in-app (once taken they are automatically formatted into your report)
Upload the report as soon as your finished inspecting, no back-end office work required

property manager burnout

Build A Unique Culture

Creating a positive workplace culture is another way you can avoid property manager burnout. According to Bonfyre, when companies have a weak culture, 49% of employees begin to look for other jobs. It’s no longer just an option; it’s crucial to have a unique, healthy culture. Today’s property managers consider culture just as important as salary and work benefits.

The use of the word “unique” is no accident. What may work for one company could not work for another. Obviously, it’s normal for your business to aspire to be like another, but the best kind of culture for your company is the one you create.

SnapInspect has created a guide filled with tips on how you can build a great company culture for your team. Check out the SnapInspect guide to help you get started in building your team today.
Retain employees, motivate staff and improve your business by building a one of a kind culture.

property manager burnout

Let your employees live!

Given the nature of property management, sometimes burning out is unavoidable. Feeling overworked without having a chance to rest and recharge can have devastating effects on a person’s health, wellbeing and work performance. Show employees you care about them but allowing time off work, approving holidays and offering time off as an incentive.

Providing your employees with a first-class working experience is no easy feat and requires a large amount of attention. However, when your employees recognize that you go above and beyond to ensure their happiness and wellbeing, it will only further promote company culture while preventing property manager burnout.

property manager burnout

Understand “Property Manager Burnout”

In this article, we have listed numerous methods you can use to prevent property manager burnout. But, it doesn’t stop here, look at every aspect of your business. Are things running effectively? Is there a solution that can improve the process?

While the above techniques are great places to start, you need to be constantly adjusting and changing to suit your employee’s needs and wants. Being a boss means you must always be retaining information and applying what you learn to your business. Keep striving for success, keep learning and keep smiling! Property management is no walk in the park!

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