Property Managers: Are You Using Social Media?

Property managers using social media

In today’s plugged in world, Social media is one of the easiest ways to stand out and engage with your clients. For renters, social media is a trusted source for finding new living spaces. Property managers are using this to their advantage and moving their marketing efforts over onto various different social media platforms. It makes sense; hang out where your target market is.

The growth of consumerism has led to many organizations pushing their social media to become more available to their target audience.

Renters are using a variety of popular platforms among themselves. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out where to start.

Below are three questions to ask when creating that new social media account

Is my persona on this network?

Different social sites have different user bases. For example, Pew Research reports that 72% of adult internet users have a Facebook profile, while a mere 25% are on LinkedIn. It’s important to remember that each social website attracts users for different reasons. Signing up for every and any social site for your company is a flawed process and will only water down your online efforts. Making you seem out of touch and disconnected. Pinpoint precisely where your personas are engaging on social media websites. From there you can figure out a strategy and start connecting!

Property managers using social media

Will this account fill a need? Is it a surplus?

Most of you reading this will already have at least one social media account for your company. It’s also likely that the same account has an audience, content, and interaction. Excellent work, that’s no small feat.

When you sign up for a new website and make an account, you start from square one again. You must build a new audience, nurture future clients and create content that is in line with your audience. A lot of times creating new accounts is counterproductive and can set progress backward. In other words, don’t create a new account if you don’t need it. A quick way to asses this is by monitoring your competitors, If they have an account on a given platform that is performing well, then chances are you will need to have one too.

If you are having some difficulty, We have an article designed to teach you how to Identify Your Rental Properties Prime Target Market In 2018.

What is the goal of this account? How will I know if it’s succeeding?

When launching your new accounts, it’s important to know what your goal is and how you plan to execute. Think things like posting schedule, content, target audience, etc. When you fail to set goals, it can become easy to get caught up in the “posting to stay alive” mentality. This is when your social account is not attracting any new attention, engagement is low, and followers can drop. This, unfortunately, is a common occurrence for property managers using social media.

You are simply posting content to “stay alive” or look active.

Whether your measuring your success in leads, KPI’s, new leases, likes or online profits, knowing what you are trying to do will drive motivation, effort levels and overall keep your social accounts on track and accountable.

Property managers using social media

Property Managers on Social Media: The Verdict

Ultimately, for property managers using social media, it comes down to you and your business. In specific, whether you can create, sustain and attract users to a new social account to a degree which makes it worthwhile. If the above questions send you into a frenzy, perhaps the new account is not needed or isn’t the right fit. On the contrary, if your new account has you buzzing to get posting and interacting, It sounds like you’ve got things to do! Get posting!

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