SnapInspect Helped A 28-Year-Old CEO build a $20M Franchise Company


Introducing SnapInspect user and Renters Warehouse founder and chairman, 28-year-old Brenton Hayden.

Brenton gained success from identifying and filling a gap within the residential property management market.

He filled this gap with Renters Warehouse, a sophisticated, sleek, professional landlord service aimed at helping homeowners and real estate investors alike manage their properties.

Currently, Renters warehouse is the second biggest professional landlord service in the United States. Alongside his success with RW, Brenton is an angel investor for software companies and has franchised Renters Warehouse to amass upwards of $20 million from his multiple ventures.

Bringing Fresh Ideas to an Outdated Market

Following the grim crash of the real estate market in 2007, Brenton identified emerging trends in the growing rental market. Renters Warehouse covers a vast range of rental needs. From tenant placement and property management to professional landlord services they have become the one stop shop for property owners and investors who are seeking help.

They advise you how much you should be charging for rent, share knowledge on the current market state and alert you to any risks associated with your market and property.

Renters Warehouse takes full advantage of the technological solutions available to companies. Because of this, they have become the most productive, innovative property management company on the market, managing more properties for less.

Productivity is Key

In a recent podcast with Growth Everywhere, Brenton Hayden was asked to share one productivity hack. He spoiled us and gave us two.


Brenton advises during the podcast that he is a remote business owner, and frequently on the go (a work from anywhere kind of guy). So it makes sense that he is a huge fan of Dropbox.

He goes on to say that every file for his businesses are stored on Dropboxes “cloud” and are accessed via iPhone, Ipad, laptop or desktop. His staff can interact with the data, share essential files instantly and it completely cuts paper out.

In his own words “ I love it, I absolutely love it.” As an example of productivity, he highlighted an everyday task which was made simple by using Dropbox. Recently, he was trying to log into one of his bank accounts but couldn’t remember the password. Instead of having to wait until the next day to go into the office and ask his CFO if he can find the password, He can do it himself.

He simply went onto his Dropbox account, opened up a password document and hey presto! Within 30 seconds of wanting the information, he had it. What would have been a day-long process to retrieve the password took under a minute. It’s not hard to see why he thinks cloud-based technology has revolutionized his business.


Renters Warehouse also conducts move in and move out property inspections. This is where SnapInspect comes in. As the market leaders for property inspection software, it was a natural connection that stemmed from two parties understanding the brilliance of technology and what it can do for their business that lead to Renters Warehouse initially using SnapInspect.

Brenton goes on to say that one of his favorite features of SnapInspect is our video capturing capability. It’s common to have disputes in the rental industry, who did what and who’s responsible for repairing the damage. Say you are with a tenant doing a pre-move-in inspection.

You notice a large rip in the carpet. You can document that stain with a time and date. That will act as clear proof that the damage was not caused after the tenants moved in. Alternatively, if damage has been caused to your property, you can show them the pre-move-in inspection with photo and video proof.

Brenton then mentions that what is so ideal about SnapInspect is our implementation of cloud technology. All files are stored on the cloud, similar to Dropbox. This means that one of his agents can be out conducting inspections and pull up an inspection for a property that happened several months ago.

The agent can pull the report from the cloud and compare it to the latest report to see what damage has been caused.

Every process that used to take several steps to be completed, several parties contacted and time frames that slowed progress can now be eliminated with cloud-based technology.

Even report formatting tasks are eliminated with snapinspect. Just click “finish inspection” once you finish, and our technology automatically formats your data into a professionally branded report fit to send off to clients in seconds.

It’s no secret that Brenton’s a smart guy, built an empire valued at over $20 million smart. This is why when he learned about SnapInspect he signed up with us and hasn’t looked back since.

I mean why would he? Renters Warehouse now manages more than $3 billion in residential real estate, servicing over 14,000+ investors across 22,000+ residential homes over 42 markets and 25 states, and is the fastest growing and highest reviewed residential property management companies in America.

Be more like Brenton, Check out what SnapInspect can offer you here. 

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