The Top Five Secondary Apartment Markets in 2013

Apartment BuildingIf you’re a property management inspector living in Fort Myers or Naples, Florida, you’re going to want to get organized with a property inspection app and prepare for a busy period, because that area has topped the list for the fastest growing secondary apartment market in the country. It ranks alongside Santa Rosa/Petaluma, CA; Corpus Christi, TX; Sarasota/Bradenton, FL; and Honolulu, HI, rounding out the top 5. Secondary markets are generally defined as being outside the top 100, containing between 25,000 to 85,000 apartment units.

While these five are reportedly the fastest growing secondary markets for this year, MPF research also notes that Charleston and Greenville, SC; Oklahoma City; Madison, WI; and Albany, NY, are also top contenders in the secondary apartment market, so if you’re in any of these places you could also be looking at a busy rental period coming up.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Property Inspection Software

In order to take advantage of a ripe marketplace, you’ve got to have units that are ready to rent today, and to do that your inspection process had better be streamlined down to a science. If you’re still performing property inspections with a clipboard and camera, you could be losing units to the competition simply because your process is less efficient. Property inspection software from SnapInspect means that you can spend less time inspecting and more time renting. Here are just a few of the key features of our property inspection app that will save you time:

  • Easy checklist inspections. Inspecting a property couldn’t be easier with SnapInspect’s easy inspection checklists. The property management software walks you through the entire process, stores your results, allows you to keep notes, integrates with your phone or tablet’s camera for photo integration, and even allows for video content and spoken dictation for those who hate to type.
  • Easy inspection scheduling. Take your property inspection process to new levels of efficiency with SnapInspect property inspection software’s built-in scheduler. With this handy integration, you can easily transition from inspection to inspection without ever having to open a day planner or consult your clients.
  • Instant reports. Take the pain out of writing property inspection reports with SnapInspect property inspection software. Once you’ve finished an inspection, the app will generate a custom-branded, beautiful report with a single click. From there you are free to print a hard copy, or you can easily send the report via e-mail with one finger.
  • Easily train more help. If more units mean more staff, you can spend less time training them and more time getting tenants in those properties. SnapInspect’s system is so simple to use, you can have additional staff inspecting properties for you in a matter of days, not months. Easily review and sign off on inspection reports with a single swipe of your finger.

If you find yourself in one of 2013’s hottest secondary markets and you’re still doing property management inspections the hard way, it’s time to wake up and join the SnapInspect property inspection software revolution. Don’t get left in the dust of the competition. Let us help you get one step ahead today.

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