The Single-Screen Method of Property Management

ScreensThe business of property management inspections has too many screens. What am I talking about? In a new book that’s making the rounds called Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel, the author explains that in the years since the now-infamous “dot com boom” we have been thinking of our businesses in facets: there’s the physical face, the Web face, the ad face, and now we’ve added in the mobile and social media faces. That’s too many screens! Joel explains rather succinctly that the only “screen” that’s important is the one the consumer is looking at. Today we’re going to talk about that one screen and how it will change the way you think about property management inspections.

One Screen to Rule Them All

As we’ve said, the most important screen to the consumer is the one that’s currently in front of him or her. It could be a monitor, television, mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, but it’s the only one that matters. From a marketing perspective, it means that we should be doing marketing that works regardless of where it’s seen… but from a property management inspection perspective, it’s about changing the way you think about your property inspections.

Property Inspection Apps for Instant Client Satisfaction

You may not think of using your property inspection method as a marketing tool, but it can be. With SnapInspect property inspection software, the entire inspection process is done on – you guessed it – a single screen. All of the photos, all of the notes, all of the videos, all of the text dictations, all of the checklists, contacts, alerts, warnings, and measurements are done on one singular screen, and that means you can easily show your clients exactly what you’re looking at, why you’re looking at it, and what they can do about it, without needing to flip through cumbersome paperwork or browse photos on that digital camera.

Property Inspection Reports as a Marketing Tool

Once you’ve finished your inspection, SnapInspect property inspection software is going to generate a report instantly. The report will contain all your results, photos, videos, and notes whether you typed them, spoke them, or had them saved in one-click keystrokes for your most commonly used notations. It will be put together in an attractive report with your own logo and branding on it, and with a single click on that very same singular screen, you can send your report to anyone you wish. Once there, the report will be easily readable, printable, and savable, regardless of whether your client sees it on the desktop PC’s monitor in the office, the phone in her back pocket, or the laptop he carries with him when he’s out in the field. These attractive reports will speak as much about the quality of your inspection as your actual inspection notes do, from a marketing perspective, so the ability to easily view them on any device is crucial to our success.

Stop going about your property inspections from screen to screen – bring everything together to a single device and one screen with SnapInspect’s property inspection software, and you’ll not only earn yourself more time; you’ll earn yourself more business.

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