Benefits of Mobile Inspection Software: Because “OMG I <3 this Apt!" Simply Won't Cut It

shutterstock_118821052Mobile technology has made the world a much better place for many people. Smartphones and multiuse tablets have essentially put the world in our pockets and made it so that we rarely have to do anything in the “real” world anymore. What was once the cliché of teenage girls spending hours with a phone glued to their ear is now the image of young people furiously tapping out messages on the miniscule keyboards of their mobile devices. And because being able to send typed messages virtually anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second is convenient enough, the mobile community has developed its own shorthand language. Abbreviations, anagrams, and emoticons have taken the place of actual words, giving people the ability to send nearly incomprehensible messages at nearly the speed of thought.

This simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to making notes and organizing reports for property inspections. Not only is it likely that you can’t thumb-type with the speed and accuracy of the youngsters, but you aren’t going to gather the useful information you need with this type of technique. This is when mobile inspection software proves its worth.

Getting Started

Let’s start with the basics. Do you know how to set up an automated property inspection system? If you don’t, it’s not a problem. In fact, if you don’t, you are in fantastic company and are perfect for property management software. Your property management app is customized to ensure that you have mobile access to all of your properties, can use the ideal checklists for your type of inspection, and can even take the information you gather and transform it into a polished, professional report with ideally designed templates.

Rolling Along

Once you have your app ready to go, it is time to start your inspections. So imagine this: You are doing your walkthrough of the property, inspecting and liking what you see. Suddenly, you notice something wrong and need to make a note of it. How are you going to get your notes down quickly and efficiently without having to fumble with a notepad and pen or testing the mettle of your keypad? AutoComment and voice dictation let you make your notes and move on with speed, accuracy, and that all-important air of professionalism. This feature lets you save phrases you use often so they can be automatically put into your notes and checklists. For new information, the voice dictation feature lets you talk into your mobile device and transcribes what you say right into the app.

Safe in the Cloud

Throughout your inspection, all of the information you put into the app is instantly synched with the Cloud. This means even if you lose, drop, or completely destroy your mobile device, all of your information is safe, sound, and readily accessible. But what happens if you know you need to check something the next time you do an inspection? Your checklists, inspection notes, and reports are secure, but it is not likely you are going to automatically remember to go through them to figure out what needs to be checked during your next inspection. Next Inspection Alerts ease your mind by assuring that you will not only remember you need to check something specific at your next inspection, but you will remember what it is. These automatic alerts are attached to the specific property and will appear as soon as you start the next inspection on that property.

Using a mobile property management app, such as SnapInspect, ensures that your inspections go smoothly with the speed, efficiency, and professionalism you would want out of your efforts.

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