Not Your Granddad’s Inspections

shutterstock_145855982If you are like many people, you have been using basically the same process for your property inspections and management since the day you started your company. You may have even followed in the footsteps of your father or grandfather and been doing things the exact same way he did. It may look a little something like this:

The Inspection

It is time for you to do an inspection so you gather your notebook, pen, camera, clipboard, and checklists and head out. When you arrive at the property you roam around, writing down notes, checking off items on your checklist, and snapping pictures. As long as your pen doesn’t run out of ink, your camera doesn’t malfunction, and you have all of the lists you are supposed to have with you, your inspection goes relatively smoothly.

Return to the Office

Now it is time to return to the office and mash everything you just did together into a cohesive report for the property owner. The owner, your client, wants to know specific things about the inspection you just did, but you can’t simply rattle out an email with the same notes you just did and send it off with a “Thanks! Talk with you next month!” This client expects to be sent a polished, professional, and easy-to-understand report outlining the details in which he is interested in a way that both illuminates what you discovered about the property and offers the opportunity for improvement or building for the next inspection.

The Report

In order to create this report you sit at your computer, lay all of your notes out in front of you, and start typing. Maybe you have a template you have used before and you can erase, cut and paste, and finagle a little to get it to work this time. Once you’ve finally gotten all of the information in, you paste in a logo of your company and then link your camera up to the computer. After uploading your pictures, you either import them into your document and hope the text wraps around them properly, or attach them to your email. Email sent, you have to deal with all of that paper you used. You can tuck it into a trusty manila envelope and put it in a file cabinet or you can recycle it.

A Much Simpler Way

There. Done. Aren’t you exhausted just reading about it? The point is, a lot goes into your inspections, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated, time consuming, and wasteful as it has been in the past. Using a project management inspection app you can streamline the entire process, automate the basic steps, and even eliminate the need for paper right on your mobile device.

Rather than using a clipboard and checklist, your customized checklists are right on your app.

Rather than writing notes on a notepad and hoping you can read them later, AutoComment saves your most common notes so you can use them later, and voice dictation lets you speak to the app so it can write out what you need to say.

Rather than sitting for hours trying to condense everything you have to say into a document and make it look nice, the app uses professional templates and generates your report for you.

In just 1 click you can import all of your information, brand your report, and send it off to your client in a professional email. You can even opt for pictures to be included. When you’re finished, there’s no paper, no waste. All of the details are synched with the Cloud for later use and you just tuck your mobile device back into your pocket.

Done. Wouldn’t Granddad be proud?

At SnapInspect, we know property inspection. We also know times change and it just doesn’t work to do it the “old-fashioned way” anymore. So we offer customizable mobile inspection software to help you get your job done faster and better. You can still carry around your clipboard if it makes you feel official. Just clip your device onto it and go!

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