Your First Impression May Be All You Get—Make It a Good One

shutterstock_126609710As a professional, the impression you make on your clients is a big deal. You aren’t just throwing together information when you create a property inspection report and hoping they can decipher what you were trying to say. You also aren’t just assuming they already know what you are talking about just because they own the property. The whole point of that client hiring you to do this job for him is so that you can perform the inspection and then condense the information into a cohesive, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand report. Unfortunately, it can be hard to make a good impression with the old style of gathering a report. That is where property inspection software comes in.

The Old Way

The old way you made an impression on your new clients when you went to do an inspection was to show up with a handful of note-taking supplies, scribble out your observations, and then disappear to your office for a few hours to pull your report together.

And what did that report look like when you finally got it all together and sent it off to your client? Most likely it looked a little like the notes you took. The document is probably a little jumbled and the logo you copy and pasted to the top of the page may be a little off-center. All in all, it looks acceptable, but nothing that is really going to impress that new client.

Beyond the way the document looked, how did the information in the report come across? Was the client able to completely understand everything you had to say about the property and anything that needed to be done? Were you able to establish when the next inspection would be, what you would check, and what would have to be fixed by then?

If your client can’t read through your report and quickly understand what it had to say, you are likely not giving a very good impression.

The New Way

Guaranteeing a fantastic impression with your new clients is as simple as making sure you gather the right information and translate it into an attractive, readable, and polished report. Of course, as you just saw, knowing that is what needs to be done is not as easy as actually getting it done. Unless you have the right tools, that is.

Using a property inspection app is your fast track to making an amazing impression on your client. With this software you can quickly and easily:

  • Take notes just using your voice
  • Take pictures and video with your mobile device
  • Import all of your notes into a professional report template customized with your company logo
  • Include pictures and video right in your report
  • Schedule inspections and set reminders
  • Make notes of things to check that will appear as soon as your next inspection of that particular property begins
  • Upload everything to the Cloud so you don’t have to fuss with files or worry that your information will disappear
  • Send it all to your client with one click

You get one chance to make that all-important first impression with a new client. Let SnapInspect back you up and make you look your best so they feel confident coming back to you.

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